List of Canadian Preferred Stocks

A List of Canadian Preferred Stocks. This list includes all preferreds issued in the Canadian market from all issuers. All types (fixed, perpetual, floating, etc) are included in this list. A portfolio of preferred shares can be used to provide the investor with a constant income from dividends. In addition preferreds provide diversification as needed.

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On February 4, 2020

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A List of Canadian Preferred Stocks. This list includes all preferreds issued in the Canadian market from all issuers. All types (fixed, perpetual, floating, etc) are included in this list. A portfolio of preferred shares can be used to provide the investor with a constant income from dividends. In addition, preferreds provide diversification as needed. This list provides you with basic information about each preferred. If you are looking to evaluate the preferreds, use our compare tables available in our website.

Preferreds, as investments go, are between bonds and common stock. Risks of preferreds include:

  1. Default Risk: The issuer can default in which case preferreds are paid after bond holders and before common shareholders. You can protect against this risk by making sure you hold investment rated preferreds. See our “Credit Rating” column in all tables.
  2. Interest Rate Risk: If rates are low at reset time, your dividend will be low for the next period. Protect yourself with a diversified portfolio of perpetuals and resets. Use laddering for your fixed-resets

To rank all perpetuals use Rank Perpetual Preferred Shares By Yield. If it’s fixed resets you are looking for use Rank 5 Year Reset Preferred Shares By Yield.

Our website provides daily updates to all preferreds, therefore at any time, you can see the most up to date list of preferreds and metrics here.


List of Canadian Preferred Stocks Today

Here is the up to date list of Preferred stocks available in the market today.  We have done all the legwork, therefore saving you time and making the selection process faster. Consequently the only task left for you is picking the right preferred.  Each day we update the data model with the latest information for each preferred. As a result, the compare tables are always reflecting today’s highest yielding preferreds by category.

For you, selecting the highest yielding preferred does not get easier. As with all of the tools, we provide in this site, the definition of the metrics “Table columns” is presented in a separate article Ranking Table Column Information.

Last Updated: Market Data Nov-27 16:31, Model Metrics Nov-27 17:02
SymbolCredit RatingFixed Rate BaseDividend AmountIssue Name
BIR-A BIR.PR.A CA0906975093 NR5YR + 6.83%$0.5225Birchcliff Energy Ltd. 8.374%, Series A
BPO-T BPO.PR.T CA1129007664 Pfd35YR + 3.16%$0.3360Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.60%, Series T
PPL-A PPL.PR.A CA7063272024 Pfd35YR + 2.47%$0.3066Pembina Pipeline Corp 4.25% PREF SER 1
ENB-F ENB.PR.F CA29250N8659 Pfd3H5YR + 2.51%$0.2930Enbridge Series F, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
ENB-D ENB.PR.D CA29250N8816 Pfd3H5YR + 2.37%$0.2787Enbridge Series D, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
ENB-H ENB.PR.H CA29250N8402 Pfd3H5YR + 2.12%$0.2730Enbridge Series H, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
BPO-P BPO.PR.P CA1129008167 Pfd35YR + 3.00%$0.2600Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.161%, Series P
ENB-N ENB.PR.N CA29250N7743 Pfd3H5YR + 2.65%$0.3178Enbridge Series N, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
BPO-A BPO.PR.A CA1129006831 Pfd35YR + 3.15%$0.2943Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.75%, Series AA
PPL-C PPL.PR.C CA7063274004 Pfd35YR + 2.60%$0.2794Pembina Pipeline Corp 4.7% PREF SER 3
AX-E AX.PR.E CA04315L7097 Pfd3L5YR + 3.30%$0.3425Artis REIT 5.47%, Series E
ENB-P ENB.PR.P CA29250N7586 Pfd3H5YR + 2.50%$0.2730Enbridge Series P, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
ENB-J ENB.PR.J CA29250N6422 Pfd3H5YR + 2.57%$0.2781Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 7
CPX-E CPX.PR.E CA14042M7061 Pfd3L5YR + 3.15%$0.3275Capital Power Corp. 5.238%, Series 5
BPO-R BPO.PR.R CA1129007821 Pfd35YR + 3.48%$0.2600Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.155%, Series R
PPL-O PPL.PR.O CA7063278302 Pfd35YR + 2.92%$0.2800Pembina Pipeline Corp. 4.464%, Series 15
PPL-Q PPL.PR.Q CA7063278146 Pfd35YR + 3.01%$0.3013Pembina Pipeline Corp. 4.821%, Series 17
CPX-C CPX.PR.C CA14042M5081 Pfd3L5YR + 3.23%$0.3400Capital Power Corp. 5.453%, Series 3
BPO-N BPO.PR.N CA1129008324 Pfd35YR + 3.07%$0.2360Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 3.782%, Series N
AX-A AX.PR.A CA04315L3039 Pfd3L5YR + 4.06%$0.3550Artis REIT 5.662%, Series A
AZP-B AZP.PR.B CA04878R2000 NR5YR + 4.18%$0.3587Atlantic Power 7.0% Cumulative Rate Reset Preferred Shares, Series II
TA-H TA.PR.H CA89346D7273 Pfd3L5YR + 3.65%$0.3250TransAlta Corp. 5.194%, Series E
PPL-E PPL.PR.E CA7063271117 Pfd35YR + 3.00%$0.2850Pembina Pipeline Corp 5.0% PREF SER 5
HSE-C HSE.PR.C CA4480554001 Pfd2L5YR + 3.13%$0.2931Husky Energy Inc. 4.50%, Series 3
ENB-T ENB.PR.T CA29250N7339 Pfd3H5YR + 2.50%$0.2546Enbridge Series R, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
CSE-A CSE.PR.A CA14069Q5077 NR5YR + 2.71%$0.2044Capstone Infrastructure Corp. 3.271%, Series A
CF-C CF.PR.C CA1348016041 Pfd3L5YR + 4.03%$0.3125Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. 4.993%, Series C
PPL-G PPL.PR.G CA7063276082 Pfd35YR + 2.94%$0.2738Pembina Pipeline Corp 4.5% PREF SER 7
ALA-E ALA.PR.E CA0213618030 Pfd3L5YR + 3.17%$0.34AltaGas Ltd. 5% Series E
HSE-E HSE.PR.E CA4480556089 Pfd2L5YR + 3.57%$0.2869Husky Energy Inc. 4.50%, Series 5
ENB-Y ENB.PR.Y CA29250N6836 Pfd3H5YR + 2.38%$0.2336Enbridge Series 3, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
BCE-C BCE.PR.C CA05534B7869 Pfd3NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 0.35%$0.2738BCE Inc. 4.38%, Series AC
BPO-I BPO.PR.I CA1129005924 Pfd35YR MIN 4.85% + 3.23%$0.3030Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.85%, Series II
CF-A CF.PR.A CA1348013071 Pfd3L5YR + 3.21%$0.2425Canaccord Genuity Group Inc. 3.885%, Series A
ENB.PF.A ENB.PF.A CA29250N6265 Pfd3H5YR + 2.66%$0.2561Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 9
AZP-A AZP.PR.A CA04878R1010 NRPERPETUAL @ 4.85%$0.3025Atlantic Power 4.85% Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Shares, Series I
BPO-E BPO.PR.E CA1129006427 Pfd35YR MIN 5.1% + 3.96%$0.3190Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 5.10%, Series EE
BPO-G BPO.PR.G CA1129006260 Pfd35YR MIN 4.85% + 3.32%$0.3030Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.85%, Series GG
HSE-A HSE.PR.A CA4480552021 Pfd2L5YR + 1.73%$0.1500Husky Energy Inc. 2.404%, Series 1
TA-F TA.PR.F CA89346D7356 Pfd3L5YR + 3.10%$0.2520TransAlta Corp. 4.027%, Series C
ENB.PF.C ENB.PF.C CA29250N5929 Pfd3H5YR + 2.64%$0.2463Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 11
BIR-C BIR.PR.C CA0906977073 NRRETRACTABLE + 7.00%$0.4375Birchliff Energy Ltd. 7.00%, Series C
ECN-A ECN.PR.A CA26829L4047 Pfd3L5YR MIN 6.5% + 5.44%$0.4075ECN Capital Corp. 6.50%, Series A
ENB-B ENB.PR.B CA29250N7099 Pfd3H5YR + 2.40%$0.2134Enbridge Series B Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
TA-J TA.PR.J CA89346D6770 Pfd3L5YR + 3.80%$0.3118TransAlta Corp. 5.30%, Serie G
FN-A FN.PR.A CA33564P2026 Pfd35YR + 2.07%$0.1750First National Financial Corp. 2.79%, Series 1
DC-B DC.PR.B CA2649017035 NR5YR + 4.10%$0.3325Dundee Corp. 5.688%, Series 2
FFH-C FFH.PR.C CA3039015084 Pfd3H5YR + 3.15%$0.2943Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 4.578%, Series C
EFN-A EFN.PR.A CA2861818706 Pfd3H5YR + 4.71%$0.4325Element Financial Corp. 6.933%, Series A
BPO-S BPO.PR.S CA1129007748 Pfd33MTH + 3.48%$0.2246Brookfield Office Properties Inc Series S
BCE-Z BCE.PR.Z CA05534B8289 Pfd3NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 0.35%$0.2440BCE Inc. 3.904%, Series Z
ECN-C ECN.PR.C CA26829L6026 Pfd3L5YR MIN 6.25% + 5.19%$0.3900ECN Capital Corp. 6.25%, Series C
TRP-A TRP.PR.A CA87807B2066 Pfd2L5YR + 1.92%$0.2174TC Energy series 1
EMA-C EMA.PR.C CA2908765076 NR5YR + 2.65%$0.2950Cumulative Emera Inc. 4.721%, Series C
BAM.PF.A CA1125856411 Pfd2L5YR + 2.90%$0.32Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.50%, Series 32
FFH-K FFH.PR.K CA3039018211 Pfd3H5YR + 3.51%$0.2900Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 4.671%, Series K
CPX-A CPX.PR.A CA14042M3003 Pfd3L5YR + 2.17%$0.1925Capital Power Corp. 3.06%, Series 1
TA-D TA.PR.D CA89346D7687 Pfd3L5YR + 2.03%$0.1700TransAlta Corp. 2.709%, Series A
FTS-G FTS.PR.G CA3495538348 Pfd3H5YR + 2.13%$0.2750Fortis Inc. 4.393%, Series G
AX-I AX.PR.I CA04315L8657 Pfd3L5YR MIN 6% + 3.93%$0.3750Artis REIT 6.00%, Series I
FFH-I FFH.PR.I CA3039018476 Pfd3H5YR + 2.85%$0.2300Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 3.708%, Series I
BCE-Q BCE.PR.Q CA05534B5962 Pfd35YR + 2.64%$0.3000BCE Inc. 4.81%, Series AQ
AQN-A AQN.PR.A CA0158573034 Pfd3L5YR + 2.94%$0.32Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.Cumulative Rate Reset Preferred Shares Series A
BAM.PF.B CA1125856254 Pfd2L5YR + 2.63%$0.28Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.20%, Series 34
BPO-C BPO.PR.C CA1129006674 Pfd35YR MIN 6% + 5.19%$0.3750Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 6.00%, Series CC
BRF-C BRF.PR.C CA11283Q4043 Pfd3H5YR + 2.94%$0.2719Brookfield Renewable Power 4.40%, Series 3
IFC-G IFC.PR.G CA45823T8749 Pfd25YR + 2.55%$0.3075Intact Financial Corp. 4.90%, Series 7
TRP-D TRP.PR.D CA87807B8006 Pfd2L5YR + 2.38%$0.2439TC Energy-series 7
AZP-C AZP.PR.C CA04878R3099 NR3MTH + 4.18%$0.2684Atlantic Power Preferred Equity Ltd., Series 3
BAM-Z BAM.PR.Z CA1125856668 Pfd2L5YR + 2.96%$0.29Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.685%, Series 30
HSE-G HSE.PR.G CA4480558069 Pfd2L5YR + 3.52%$0.2459Husky Energy Inc. 4.60%, Series 7
NPI-C NPI.PR.C CA6665116050 NR5YR + 3.46%$0.3175Northland Power Inc. 5.08%, Series 3
BCE-F BCE.PR.F CA05534B7455 Pfd3NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 0.35%$0.2416BCE Inc. 3.11% , Series AF
TRP-E TRP.PR.E CA87807B8758 Pfd2L5YR + 2.35%$0.2351TC Energy-series 9
LB-H LB.PR.H CA51925D8254 Pfd35YR + 2.55%$0.258Preferred Shares Series 13
BCE-A BCE.PR.A CA05534B7943 Pfd3NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 0.35%$0.2256BCE Inc. 3.61%, Series AA
ALA-G ALA.PR.G CA0213618865 Pfd3L5YR + 3.06%$0.27AltaGas Ltd. 4.75% Series G
EFN-C EFN.PR.C CA2861818391 Pfd3H5YR + 4.81%$0.3881Element Financial Corp. 6.50%, Series C
CWB-B CWB.PR.B CA1367655000 Pfd35YR + 2.76%$0.2680Canadian Western Bank 4.40%., Series 5 - NVCC
AQN-D AQN.PR.D CA0158575013 Pfd3L5YR + 3.28%$0.32Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. Cumulative Rate Reset Preferred Shares Series D
IFC-A IFC.PR.A CA45823T3047 Pfd25YR + 1.72%$0.2125Intact Financial Corp. 3.396%, Series 1
FTS-K FTS.PR.K CA3495537845 Pfd3H5YR + 2.05%$0.2456Fortis Inc. 4.00%, Series K
INE-A INE.PR.A CA45790B5009 NR5YR + 2.79%$0.2255Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. 3.608%
EFN-E EFN.PR.E CA2861818136 Pfd3H5YR + 4.72%$0.3689Element Financial Corp. 6.40%, Series E
MFC-K MFC.PR.K CA56501R7426 Pfd25YR + 2.20%$0.2760Manulife Financial Corp. 3.8%, Series 13
PPL-S PPL.PR.S CA7063277809 Pfd35YR + 4.27%$0.2928Pembina Pipeline Corp. 5.00%, Series 19
PPL-I PPL.PR.I CA7063278062 Pfd35YR + 3.91%$0.2689Pembina Pipeline Corp 4.75% PREF SER 9
EMA-F EMA.PR.F CA2908768047 NR5YR + 2.63%$0.2626Cumulative Emera Inc. 4.25%, Series F
CWB-C CWB.PR.C CA1367657089 Pfd35YR + 5.47%$0.3900Non-Cumulative 5-Year Rate Reset First Preferred Shares Series 7
BPO-Y BPO.PR.Y CA1129007177 Pfd3FLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Brookfield Office Properties Inc Series Y
FFH-E FFH.PR.E CA3039018880 Pfd3H5YR + 2.16%$0.1989Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited 2.91%, Series E
CWB-D CWB.PR.D CA1367658806 Pfd35YR + 4.04%$0.3832Non-Cumulative 5-Year Rate Reset First Preferred Shares Series 9
BAM-T BAM.PR.T CA1125857245 Pfd2L5YR + 2.31%$0.22Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 3.471%, Series 26
MFC-J MFC.PR.J CA56501R7673 Pfd25YR + 2.61%$0.2960Manulife Financial Corp. 4.0%, Series 11
BPO-X BPO.PR.X CA1129007417 Pfd3FLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Brookfield Office Properties Inc Series V
IAF-I IAF.PR.I CA4558718710 Pfd2H5YR + 2.75%$0.3000Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial 4.80%, Series I
CPX-G CPX.PR.G CA14042M8887 Pfd3L5YR MIN 6% + 5.26%$0.3750Capital Power Corp. 6.00%, Series 7
ENB.PF.E ENB.PF.E CA29250N5762 Pfd3H5YR + 2.66%$0.1902Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 13
FFH-M FFH.PR.M CA3039017973 Pfd3H5YR + 3.89%$0.3126Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 4.75%, Series M
PWF-T PWF.PR.T CA73927C7382 Pfd2H5YR + 2.37%$0.2625Power Financial Corp. 4.20%, Series T
BCE-K BCE.PR.K CA05534B6796 Pfd35YR + 1.88%$0.1850BCE Inc. 2.954%, Series AK
BPO-W BPO.PR.W CA1129007334 Pfd3FLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Brookfield Office Properties Inc Series W
MFC-Q MFC.PR.Q CA56501R6196 Pfd25YR + 2.55%$0.2940Manulife Financial Corp Non-cumulative Rate Reset Class 1 Shares Series 25
PWF-I PWF.PR.I CA73927C8455 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 6.00%$0.3750Power Financial Corp. 6.00%, Series I
BEP-E BEP.PR.E BMG162581570 Pfd3HPERPETUAL @ 5.59%$0.3494Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. 5.59%, Series 5
LB-J LB.PR.J CA51925D7918 Pfd35YR + 5.13%$0.37Preferred Shares Series 15
PWF-G PWF.PR.G CA73927C8786 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.90%$0.3700Power Financial Corp. 5.90%, Series F
NA-G NA.PR.G CA63306A2056 Pfd2L5YR + 2.77%$0.3093National bank SRS 42
DC-D DC.PR.D CA2649018025 NR3MTH + 4.10%$0.2634Dundee Corp., Series 3
NA-E NA.PR.E CA6330671943 Pfd2L5YR + 2.58%$0.2875National bank SRS 40
EFN-I EFN.PR.I CA2861816643 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.75% + 4.64%$0.3600Element Financial Corp. 5.75%, Series I
CM-S CM.PR.S CA1360708772 Pfd25YR + 2.45%$0.2825Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 4.50%, Series 47 - NVCC
BIK-A BIK.PR.A CA09075W2094 NR5YR MIN 5.85% + 3.96%$0.366Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. 5.85%, Series 1
GWO-F GWO.PR.F CA39138C8097 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.90%$0.3700Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.90%, Series F
BAM.PF.F CA1125855348 Pfd2L5YR + 2.86%$0.25Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.50%, Series 40
CPX-I CPX.PR.I CA14042M8622 Pfd3L5YR MIN 5.75% + 4.12%$0.3600Capital Power Corp. 5.75%, Series 9
FFH-G FFH.PR.G CA3039018625 Pfd3H5YR + 2.56%$0.1851Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 3.318%, Series G
PPL-K PPL.PR.K CA7063278716 Pfd35YR MIN 5.75% + 5.00%$0.3600Pembina Pipeline Corp 5.75% PREF SER 11
PPL-M PPL.PR.M CA7063278559 Pfd35YR MIN 5.75% + 4.96%$0.3600Pembina Pipeline Corp 5.75% PREF SER 13
ENB.PF.G ENB.PF.G CA29250N5507 Pfd3H5YR + 2.68%$0.1864Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 15
PWF-O PWF.PR.O CA73927C7879 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.3625Power Financial Corp. 5.80%, Series O
CPX-K CPX.PR.K CA14042M8473 Pfd3L5YR MIN 5.75% + 4.15%$0.3594Capital Power Corp. 5.75%, Series 11
INE-C INE.PR.C CA45790B7088 NRPERPETUAL @ 5.75%$0.3600Innergex Renewable Power Series C Perpetual
GWO-M GWO.PR.M CA39138C8170 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.3625Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.80%, Series M
EML-A EML.PR.A CA2918392077 Pfd25YR + 4.99%$0.3600Empire Life Insurance Company 5.75%, Series 1
POW-C POW.PR.C CA7392398797 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.3625Power Corp of Canada 5.80%, Series C
BEP-O BEP.PR.O BMG162582156 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.75% + 3.49%$0.3594Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. 5.75%, Series 15
PWF-H PWF.PR.H CA73927C8604 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.75%$0.3600Power Financial Corp. 5.75%, Series H
WN-A WN.PR.A CA9611488896 Pfd3PERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.36George Weston Ltd. 5.80%, Series I
ALA-A ALA.PR.A CA0213612090 Pfd3L5YR + 2.66%$0.19AltaGas Ltd. 3.38% Series A
BNS-I BNS.PR.I CA06415E3032 Pfd2H5YR + 2.43%$0.3025Bank of Nova Scotia 4.85%, Series 40 - NVCCBNS
TD.PF.K CA8911605902 Pfd25YR + 2.59%$0.2975Toronto-Dominion Bank 4.75%, Series 20 - NVC
BAM.PF.E CA1125855595 Pfd2L5YR + 2.55%$0.22Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 3.568% Series 38
BPS-A BPS.PR.A CA1128273085 Pfd3STRUCTURED$0.3600Brookfield Office Properties Inc. , Series 2
RY-S RY.PR.S CA78013R3909 Pfd2H5YR + 2.38%$0.3000Royal Bank of Canada 4.80%, Series BO - NVCC
BEP-I BEP.PR.I BMG162581653 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.75% + 5.01%$0.3590Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. 5.75%, Series 9
HSE-B HSE.PR.B CA4480553011 Pfd2L3MTH + 1.73%$0.1153Husky Energy Inc Pref Series 2
TSE:BIP-A BIP.PR.A BMG162521279 NR5YR + 3.56%$0.248Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. 4.50%, Series 1
BMO-E BMO.PR.E CA06368B2075 Pfd2H5YR + 2.68%$0.3025Bank of Montreal 4.85%, Series 44 - NVC
TD.PF.J CA8911606249 Pfd25YR + 2.70%$0.2950Toronto-Dominion Bank 4.70%, Series 18 - NVC
BCE-T BCE.PR.T CA05534B8107 Pfd3NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 0.35%$0.1886BCE Inc. 3.019%, Series T
GWO-L GWO.PR.L CA39138C8253 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.65%$0.3525Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.65%, Series L
TRP-C TRP.PR.C CA87807B6026 Pfd2L5YR + 1.54%$0.1400TC Energy - Series 5
BCE-O BCE.PR.O CA05534B6200 Pfd35YR + 3.09%$0.2675BCE Inc. 4.26%, Series AO (formerly BAF.PR.C)
FN-B FN.PR.B CA33564P3016 Pfd33MTH + 2.07%$0.1365First National Financial Corp., Series 2
PPL.PF.E PPL.PF.E CA7063277239 Pfd35YR MIN 5.2% + 3.51%$0.3300PPL Series 25 Shares, KML Series 25 min 5.2
MFC-O MFC.PR.O CA56501R6501 Pfd25YR + 4.79%$0.3500Manulife Financial Corp. 5.6%, Series 21
BAM-X BAM.PR.X CA1125856908 Pfd2L5YR + 1.80%$0.17Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 2.727%, Series 28
PPL.PF.A PPL.PF.A CA7063277643 Pfd35YR MIN 4.9% + 3.26%$0.3063Class A Preferred Shares, Series 21
POW-A POW.PR.A CA7392398870 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.60%$0.3500Power Corp of Canada 5.60%, Series A
MFC-L MFC.PR.L CA56501R7269 Pfd25YR + 2.22%$0.2366Manulife Financial Corp. 3.8%, Series 13
NA-X NA.PR.X CA6330672693 Pfd2L5YR + 4.90%$0.3500National bank SRS 35
ENB-A ENB.PR.A CA29250N2041 Pfd3HPERPETUAL @ 5.50%$0.3438Enbridge Perpetual 5.50% Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares, Series A
BEP-G BEP.PR.G BMG162581323 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.5% + 4.47%$0.3440Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. 5.50%, Series 7
POW-G POW.PR.G CA7392398532 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.60%$0.3500Power Corp of Canada 5.60%, Series G
PPL.PF.C PPL.PF.C CA7063277494 Pfd35YR MIN 5.25% + 3.65%$0.3300PPL Series 23 Shares
ELF-H ELF.PR.H CA26857Q5077 NRPERPETUAL @ 5.52%$0.3450E-L Financial Corp. 5.50%, Series 3
BRF-E BRF.PR.E CA11283Q6022 Pfd3HPERPETUAL @ 5.00%$0.3130Brookfield Renewable Power Preferred Equity 5.00%, Series 5
BIP-B BIP.PR.B BMG162521436 NR5YR MIN 5.5% + 4.53%$0.345Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. 5.50%, Series 3
BRF-F BRF.PR.F CA11283Q7012 Pfd3HPERPETUAL @ 5.00%$0.3130Brookfield Renewable Power Preferred Equity 5.00%, Series 6
PWF-R PWF.PR.R CA73927C7531 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.50%$0.3450Power Financial Corp. 5.50%, Series R
FFH-D FFH.PR.D CA3039016074 Pfd3H3MTH + 3.15%$0.2040Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., Series D
BIP-F BIP.PR.F BMG162522269 NR5YR MIN 5.10% + 2.92%$0.320Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. 5.10%, Series 11
ENB.PF.K ENB.PF.K CA29250N5192 Pfd3H5YR MIN 4.9% + 3.17%$0.3063Enbridge Inc. 4.90%, Series 19
BNS-E BNS.PR.E CA0641495522 Pfd2H5YR + 4.51%$0.3450Bank of Nova Scotia 5.50%, Series 34 - NVCCBNS
RY-Q RY.PR.Q CA78013L2113 Pfd2H5YR + 4.53%$0.3450Royal Bank of Canada 5.50%, Series BK - NVCC
BRF-A BRF.PR.A CA11283Q2062 Pfd3H5YR + 2.62%$0.1961Brookfield Renewable Power 3.355%, Series 1
PWF-E PWF.PR.E CA73927C8034 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.50%$0.3450Power Financial Corp. 5.50%, Series D
TD.PF.G CA8911455753 Pfd25YR + 4.66%$0.3450Toronto-Dominion Bank 5.60%, Series 12 - NVC
SJR-A SJR.PR.A CA82028K8793 Pfd3L5YR + 2.00%$0.1740Shaw communications prefered series - a
TRP-J TRP.PR.J CA87807B8345 Pfd2L5YR MIN 5.5% + 4.69%$0.3425TC Energy - Series 13
BNS-G BNS.PR.G CA0641512029 Pfd2H5YR + 4.72%$0.3450Bank of Nova Scotia 5.50%, Series 36 - NVC
RY-R RY.PR.R CA78013N2749 Pfd2H5YR + 4.80%$0.3450Royal Bank of Canada 5.50%, Series BM - NVCC
BIP-C BIP.PR.C BMG162521683 NR5YR MIN 5.35% + 4.64%$0.335Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. 5.35%, Series 5
PVS-E PVS.PR.E CA70214J7078 Pfd2LSTRUCTURED$0.3450Partners Value Split Corp. 5.50%, Series 7
ENB-C ENB.PR.C CA29250N8089 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.40%$0.1571Enbridge Series C Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
ELF-F ELF.PR.F CA26857Q3098 NRPERPETUAL @ 5.32%$0.3325E-L Financial Corp. 5.30%, Series 1
FTS-M FTS.PR.M CA3495537688 Pfd3H5YR + 2.48%$0.2466Fortis Inc. 4.10%, Series M
BCE-R BCE.PR.R CA05534B7034 Pfd3NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 0.35%$0.1886BCE Inc. 4.13%, Series R
ALA-B ALA.PR.B CA0213613080 Pfd3L3MTH + 2.66%$0.17AltaGas Ltd. cumulative redeemable floating rate preferred shares Series B
BIP-E BIP.PR.E BMG162522004 NR5YR MIN 5.00% + 3.00%$0.313Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. 5.00%, Series 9
TA-E TA.PR.E CA89346D7505 Pfd3L3MTH + 2.03%$0.1340TransAlta Corp., Series B
GWO-P GWO.PR.P CA39138C7750 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.40%$0.3375Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.40%, Series P
NA-S NA.PR.S CA6330673196 Pfd2L5YR + 2.40%$0.2516National bank SRS 30
BEP-K BEP.PR.K BMG162581992 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.0% + 3.28%$0.3130Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. 5.00%, Series 11
BEP-M BEP.PR.M BMG162584053 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.0% + 3.00%$0.3130Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. 5.00%, Series 13
POW-B POW.PR.B CA7392398045 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.35%$0.3350Power Corp of Canada 5.35%, Series B
NA-A NA.PR.A CA6330672446 Pfd2L5YR + 4.66%$0.3370National bank SRS 36
FFH-J FFH.PR.J CA3039018393 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.85%$0.1853Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., Series J
ENB.PF.I ENB.PF.I CA29250N5358 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.15% + 4.14%$0.3200Enbridge Series 17, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
BCE-M BCE.PR.M CA05534B6465 Pfd35YR + 2.09%$0.1725BCE Inc. 2.764%, Series AM  (formerly BAF.PR.A)
CIU-C CIU.PR.C CA22944C5028 Pfd2H5YR + 1.36%$0.1400Canadian Utilities Ltd. 2.24% 5YR RT RES CUM RED PFD SER 4
NA-W NA.PR.W CA6330672859 Pfd2L5YR + 2.25%$0.2399National bank SRS 33
TRP-G TRP.PR.G CA87807B8592 Pfd2L5YR + 2.96%$0.2094TC Energy-series 11
GWO-N GWO.PR.N CA39138C7917 Pfd2H5YR + 1.30%$0.1350Great-West Lifeco Inc. 2.176%, Series N
CM-T CM.PR.T CA1360707949 Pfd25YR + 3.31%$0.3250Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 5.20% Non-cumulative Rate Reset Class A Preferred Shares Series 49
FFH-H FFH.PR.H CA3039018542 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.56%$0.1671Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., Series H
GWO-S GWO.PR.S CA39138C7347 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3275Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.25%, Series S
IFC-I IFC.PR.I CA45823T8582 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.40%$0.3375Non-Cumulative Class A Shares, Series 9
ALA-I ALA.PR.I CA0213618527 Pfd3L5YR MIN 5.25% + 4.19%$0.33AltaGas Ltd. 5.25% Series I
ALA-K ALA.PR.K CA0213618378 Pfd3L5YR MIN 5% + 3.80%$0.31AltaGas Ltd. 5% Series K
BIP-D BIP.PR.D BMG162521840 NR5YR MIN 5.00% + 3.78%$0.313Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. 5.00%, Series 7
PWF-F PWF.PR.F CA73927C8869 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.25%$0.3275Power Financial Corp. 5.25%, Series E
TD.PF.L CA8911605746 Pfd25YR + 3.27%$0.3250Toronto-Dominion Bank 5.2%, Series 22 - NVcC
W-K W.PR.K CA95751D8474 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.25% + 4.26%$0.3275Westcoast Energy Inc. 5.25%, Series 10
IFC-F IFC.PR.F CA45823T8822 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.30%$0.3325Intact Financial Corp. 5.30%, Series 6
NPI-A NPI.PR.A CA6665113081 NR5YR + 2.80%$0.2001Northland Power Inc. 3.51%, Series 1
WN-C WN.PR.C CA9611488631 Pfd3PERPETUAL @ 5.20%$0.33George Weston Ltd. 5.20%, Series III
WN-D WN.PR.D CA9611488557 Pfd3PERPETUAL @ 5.20%$0.33George Weston Ltd. 5.20%, Series IV
GWO-G GWO.PR.G CA39138C8824 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.20%$0.3250Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.20%, Series G
BAM.PF.C CA1125855918 Pfd2LPERPETUAL @ 4.85%$0.30Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.85%, Series 36
W-M W.PR.M CA95751D1289 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.20% + 4.52%$0.3250Westcoast Energy Inc. 5.20%, Series 12
L-B L.PR.B CA5394817053 Pfd3PERPETUAL @ 5.30%$0.3325Loblaw Companies Ltd. 5.30%, Series B
CU-H CU.PR.H CA1367176346 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.25%$0.3275Canadian Utilities Ltd. 5.25%, Series EE
MFC-I MFC.PR.I CA56501R7830 Pfd25YR + 2.86%$0.2720Manulife Financial Corp. 4.4%, Series 9
BPS-C BPS.PR.C CA1128275064 Pfd3STRUCTURED$0.3250Brookfield Office Properties Inc. , Series 4
ELF-G ELF.PR.G CA26857Q4088 NRPERPETUAL @ 4.76%$0.2975E-L Financial Corp. 4.75%, Series 2
GWO-Q GWO.PR.Q CA39138C7677 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3225Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.15%, Series Q
PWF-L PWF.PR.L CA73927C8299 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.10%$0.3200Power Financial Corp. 5.10%, Series L
BAM-N BAM.PR.N CA1125858235 Pfd2LPERPETUAL @ 4.75%$0.30Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.75%, Series 18
BCE-I BCE.PR.I CA05534B7117 Pfd3NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 0.35%$0.1719BCE Inc. Series AI.  (formerly Bell Canada - Series 19)
GWO-T GWO.PR.T CA39138C7263 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3225Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.15%, Series T
PWF-Z PWF.PR.Z CA73927C7127 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3225Power Financial Corp. 5.15%, Series V
BAM.PF.D CA1125855678 Pfd2LPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.31Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.90%, Series 37
BAM-M BAM.PR.M CA1125858318 Pfd2LPERPETUAL @ 4.75%$0.30Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.75%, Series 17
CCS-C CCS.PR.C CA1899064077 Pfd2LPERPETUAL @ 5.00%$0.2875Co-operators General Insurance Co. 5.00%, Series C
BCE-G BCE.PR.G CA05534B7372 Pfd3NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 0.35%$0.1719BCE Inc. Series AG.  (formerly Bell Canada - Series 17)
CM-Y CM.PR.Y CA13607G7993 Pfd25YR + 3.62%$0.3218Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 5.15%, Series 51 - NVCC
IFC-E IFC.PR.E CA45823T8095 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.20%$0.3250Intact Financial Corp. 5.20%, Series 5
BMO-F BMO.PR.F CA06368B1085 Pfd2H5YR + 3.51%$0.3185Bank of Montreal 5.10%, Series 46 - NVCCBMO
TD.PF.M CA8911605415 Pfd25YR + 3.56%$0.3188Toronto-Dominion Bank 5.10%, Series 24 - NVC
MFC-M MFC.PR.M CA56501R6923 Pfd25YR + 2.36%$0.2375Manulife Financial Corp. 3.9%, Series 17
PWF-K PWF.PR.K CA73927C8372 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.95%$0.3100Power Financial Corp. 4.95%, Series K
BAM-R BAM.PR.R CA1125857401 Pfd2L5YR + 2.30%$0.18Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 3.014%, Series 24
RY-P RY.PR.P CA78013K2882 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.25%$0.3275Royal Bank of Canada 5.25%, Series BJ - NVC
BMO-S BMO.PR.S CA0636794012 Pfd2H5YR + 2.33%$0.2408Bank of Montreal 4.00%, Series 27 -
POW-D POW.PR.D CA7392398615 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.00%$0.3125Power Corp of Canada 5.00%, Series D
MFC-N MFC.PR.N CA56501R6766 Pfd25YR + 2.30%$0.2297Manulife Financial Corp. 3.8%, Series 19
CIU-A CIU.PR.A CA22944C2058 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.60%$0.2875CU Inc 4.6% Series 1
BMO-W BMO.PR.W CA0636798807 Pfd2H5YR + 2.22%$0.2407Bank of Montreal 3.80%, Series 31 - NVC
PWF-P PWF.PR.P CA73927C7796 Pfd2H5YR + 1.60%$0.1450Power Financial Corp. 2.306%, Series P
BAM.PF.H CA1125854846 Pfd2L5YR MIN 5% + 4.17%$0.31Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 5.00%, Series 44
CU-D CU.PR.D CA1367176759 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.90%, Series AA
CU-E CU.PR.E CA1367176676 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.90%, Series BB
CM-P CM.PR.P CA1360694246 Pfd25YR + 2.24%$0.2443Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 3.75%, Series 41 - NVCC
BAM.PF.G CA1125855181 Pfd2L5YR + 2.84%$0.20Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.50%, Series 42
BPS-B BPS.PR.B CA1128274075 Pfd3STRUCTURED$0.3125Brookfield Office Properties Inc. , Series 3
CM-O CM.PR.O CA1360694402 Pfd25YR + 2.32%$0.2321Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 3.90%, Series 39 - NVCC
BRF-B BRF.PR.B CA11283Q3052 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.62%$0.1709Brookfield Renewable Power , Series 2
WN-E WN.PR.E CA9611488482 Pfd3PERPETUAL @ 4.75%$0.30George Weston Ltd. 4.75%, Series v
IAF-G IAF.PR.G CA4558718066 Pfd2H5YR + 2.85%$0.2350Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial 3.777%, Series G
MFC-F MFC.PR.F CA56501R8580 Pfd25YR + 1.41%$0.1361Manulife Financial Corp Non-cumulative Rate Reset Class 1 Shares Series 3
FTS-J FTS.PR.J CA3495537928 Pfd3HPERPETUAL @ 4.75%$0.2975Fortis Inc. 4.75%, Series J
PWF-S PWF.PR.S CA73927C7465 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.80%$0.3000Power Financial Corp. 4.80%, Series S
PVS-G PVS.PR.G CA70214J8894 Pfd2LSTRUCTURED$0.3075Partners Value Split Corp. 4.90%, Series 9
TRP-K TRP.PR.K CA87807B8188 Pfd2L5YR MIN 4.9% + 3.85%$0.3050TC Energy-series 15
BMO-T BMO.PR.T CA0636796090 Pfd2H5YR + 2.24%$0.2265Bank of Montreal 3.90%, Series 29
TD.PF.C CA8911456587 Pfd25YR + 2.25%$0.2423Toronto-Dominion Bank 3.75%, Series 5 - NVC
FTS-F FTS.PR.F CA3495538678 Pfd3HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Fortis Inc. 4.90%, Series F
GWO-H GWO.PR.H CA39138C8741 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.85%$0.3025Great-West Lifeco Inc. 4.85%, Series H
MFC-R MFC.PR.R CA56501R6352 Pfd25YR + 3.83%$0.3030Manulife Financial Corp Non-cumulative Rate Reset Class 1 Shares Series 23
CU-C CU.PR.C CA1367176916 Pfd2H5YR + 2.40%$0.2125Canadian Utilities Ltd. 3.40%, Series Y
MFC-H MFC.PR.H CA56501R8176 Pfd25YR + 3.13%$0.2700Manulife Financial Corp. 4.6%, Series 7
EMA-H EMA.PR.H CA2908768617 NR5YR MIN 4.9% + 2.54%$0.3075Cumulative Emera Inc. Min 4.90%, Series H
GWO-R GWO.PR.R CA39138C7594 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3000Great-West Lifeco Inc. 4.80%, Series R
SLF-B SLF.PR.B CA8667963034 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 4.80%$0.3000Sun Life Financial Inc. 4.80%, Series 2
BAM.PF.I CA1125854507 Pfd2L5YR MIN 4.8% + 3.85%$0.30Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.80%, Series 46
EMA-E EMA.PR.E CA2908767056 NRPERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Cumulative Emera Inc. 4.50%, Series E
RY-Z RY.PR.Z CA78012G4117 Pfd2H5YR + 2.21%$0.2313Royal Bank of Canada 4.00%, Series AZ - NVCC
SLF-A SLF.PR.A CA8667962044 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 4.75%$0.2975Sun Life Financial Inc. 4.75%, Series 1
TRP-F TRP.PR.F CA87807B3056 Pfd2L3MTH + 1.92%$0.1271TC Energy-series 2
CU-G CU.PR.G CA1367176429 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.50%, Series DD
TD.PF.B CA8911456744 Pfd25YR + 2.27%$0.2301Toronto-Dominion Bank 3.80%, Series 3 - NVC
SLF-I SLF.PR.I CA8667968322 Pfd25YR + 2.73%$0.2375Sun Life Financial Inc. 3.806%, Series 12R
BAM.PF.J CA1125854275 Pfd2L5YR MIN 4.75% + 3.10%$0.30Brookfield Asset Management Inc. 4.75%, Series 48
CU-F CU.PR.F CA1367176593 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.50%, Series CC
MFC-B MFC.PR.B CA56501R4035 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 4.65%$0.2910Manulife Financial Corp 4.65% Non-cumulative Class A Shares, Series 2
TD.PF.A CA8911456900 Pfd25YR + 2.24%$0.2289Toronto-Dominion Bank 3.90%, Series 1 - NVCC
TD.PF.I CA8911606405 Pfd25YR + 3.01%$0.2825Toronto-Dominion Bank 4.50%, Series 16 - NVCC
PVS-F PVS.PR.F CA70214J8068 Pfd2LSTRUCTURED$0.3000Partners Value Split Corp. 4.80%, Series 8
PVS-I PVS.PR.I CA70214J863 Pfd2LSTRUCTURED$0.2969Partners Value Split Corp. 4.75%, Series 11
EMA-A EMA.PR.A CA2908763097 NR5YR + 1.84%$0.1364Cumulative Emera Inc. 2.555%, Series A
RY-N RY.PR.N CA78013J4550 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Royal Bank of Canada 4.90%, Series BH - NVC
RY-O RY.PR.O CA78013K6016 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Royal Bank of Canada 4.90%, Series BI - NVC
TD.PF.H CA8911606652 Pfd25YR + 4.12%$0.3025Toronto-Dominion Bank 4.85%, Series 14 - NVC
BMO-B BMO.PR.B CA06367X7053 Pfd2H5YR + 4.06%$0.3025Bank of Montreal 4.85%, Series 38
GWO-I GWO.PR.I CA39138C8667 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Great-West Lifeco Inc. 4.50%, Series I
BNS-H BNS.PR.H CA0641511112 Pfd2H5YR + 4.19%$0.3025Bank of Nova Scotia 4.85%, Series 38 - NVC
EIT-A EIT.PR.A CA13780R2081 Pfd2HRETRACTABLE + 4.80%$0.3000Canoe EIT Income Fund 4.80%, Series 1
EIT-B EIT.PR.B CA13780R1331 Pfd2HRETRACTABLE + 4.80%$0.3000Canoe EIT Income Fund 4.80%, Series 2
IAF-B IAF.PR.B CA4558713018 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.60%$0.2875Industrial Alliance Insurance & Financial 4.60%, Series B
PVS-H PVS.PR.H CA70214J8712 Pfd2LSTRUCTURED$0.2929Partners Value Split Corp. 4.70%, Series 10
FFH-F FFH.PR.F CA3039018708 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.16%$0.1421Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., Series F
RY-H RY.PR.H CA78012H5675 Pfd2H5YR + 2.26%$0.2281Royal Bank of Canada 3.90%, Series BB - NVCC
MFC-C MFC.PR.C CA56501R5024 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Manulife Financial Corp. 4.50%, Series 3
BAM-B BAM.PR.B CA1125852030 Pfd2LFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.11Brookfield Asset Mgmt. Inc., Series 2
BAM-K BAM.PR.K CA1125858722 Pfd2LFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.11Brookfield Asset Mgmt. Inc., Series 13
BAM-C BAM.PR.C CA1125854010 Pfd2LFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.11Brookfield Asset Mgmt. Inc., Series 4
NPI-B NPI.PR.B CA6665115060 NR3MTH + 2.80%$0.1821Northland Power Inc., Series 2
MFC-G MFC.PR.G CA56501R8333 Pfd25YR + 2.90%$0.2430Manulife Financial Corp. 3.89%, Series 5
SLF-D SLF.PR.D CA8667965013 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 4.45%$0.2775Sun Life Financial Inc. 4.45%, Series 4
SLF-C SLF.PR.C CA8667964024 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 4.45%$0.2775Sun Life Financial Inc. 4.45%, Series 3
SLF-E SLF.PR.E CA8667966003 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Sun Life Financial Inc. 4.50%, Series 5
BMO-C BMO.PR.C CA06368A2092 Pfd2H5YR + 3.33%$0.2825Bank of Montreal 4.50%, Series 40
BMO-D BMO.PR.D CA06367X8879 Pfd2H5YR + 3.17%$0.2750Bank of Montreal 4.40%, Series 42
CM-R CM.PR.R CA1360702080 Pfd25YR + 3.38%$0.2750Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 4.40%, Series 45 - NVCC
TRP-B TRP.PR.B CA87807B4047 Pfd2L5YR + 1.28%$0.1031TC Energy - Series 3
NA-C NA.PR.C CA6330672289 Pfd2L5YR + 3.43%$0.2780National bank SRS 38
IFC-C IFC.PR.C CA45823T6016 Pfd25YR + 2.66%$0.2075Intact Financial Corp. 3.332%, Series 3
PVS-D PVS.PR.D CA70214J6088 Pfd2LSTRUCTURED$0.2825Partners Value Split Corp. 4.50%, Series 6
BCE-N BCE.PR.N CA05534B6382 Pfd33MTH + 2.09%$0.1378BCE Inc., Series AN
CU-I CU.PR.I CA1367176262 Pfd2H5YR MIN 4.5% + 3.69%$0.2813Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.50%, Series FF
BAM-S BAM.PR.S CA1125857328 Pfd2L3MTH + 2.30%$0.1509Brookfield Asset Mgmt. Inc., Series 25
SLF-H SLF.PR.H CA8667968652 Pfd25YR + 2.17%$0.1775Sun Life Financial Inc. 2.842%, Series 10R
TRP-H TRP.PR.H CA87807B5036 Pfd2L3MTH + 1.28%$0.0871TC Energy-series 4
PWF-A PWF.PR.A CA73927C2094 Pfd2HFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Power Financial Corp. Series A
SJR-B SJR.PR.B CA82028K8876 Pfd3L3MTH + 2.00%$0.1321Shaw Communications Inc., Series B
FTS-H FTS.PR.H CA3495538264 Pfd3H5YR + 1.45%$0.1147Fortis Inc. 2.50%, Series H
BCE-L BCE.PR.L CA05534B6614 Pfd33MTH + 1.88%$0.1246BCE Inc., Series AL
BBD-B BBD.PR.B CA0977515075 NRFLOATING(>=50% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.0255Bombardier Inc., Series 2
TRP-I TRP.PR.I CA87807B7016 Pfd2L3MTH + 1.54%$0.1034TC Energy-series 6
EMA-B EMA.PR.B CA2908764087 NR3 MTH + 1.84%$0.1221Cumulative Floating Rate First Preferred Shares, Series B
IFC-D IFC.PR.D CA45823T5026 Pfd23MTH + 2.66%$0.1734Intact Financial Corp., Series 4
TD.PF.D CA8911456330 Pfd25YR + 2.79%$0.2001Toronto-Dominion Bank 3.60%, Series 7 - NVC
CM-Q CM.PR.Q CA1360693909 Pfd25YR + 2.79%$0.1964Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 3.60%, Series 43 - NVCC
SLF-G SLF.PR.G CA8667968819 Pfd25YR + 1.41%$0.1141Sun Life Financial Inc. 2.275%, Series 8R
TRI-B TRI.PR.B CA8849033037 Pfd3HFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Thomson Reuters Corp., Series II
RY-J RY.PR.J CA78012Q1129 Pfd2H5YR + 2.74%$0.2000Royal Bank of Canada 3.60%, Series BD - NVCC
TD.PF.E CA8911456173 Pfd25YR + 2.87%$0.2026Toronto-Dominion Bank 3.70%, Series 9 - NVC
RY-M RY.PR.M CA78012T4708 Pfd2H5YR + 2.62%$0.1875Royal Bank of Canada 3.60%, Series BF - NVCC
BMO-Y BMO.PR.Y CA06367X2005 Pfd2H5YR + 2.71%$0.1909Bank of Montreal 3.80%, Series 33
PWF-Q PWF.PR.Q CA73927C7614 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.60%$0.1071Power Financial Corp. Series Q
CGI-D CGI.PR.D CA1358254045 NRRETRACTABLE + 3.75%$0.2350Canadian General Inv. 3.75%, Series 4
FTS-I FTS.PR.I CA3495538181 Pfd3H3MTH + 1.45%$0.09783M GoC T-Bill Yld +1.45%
BCE-D BCE.PR.D CA05534B6879 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.1225BCE Inc. Series AD - NSI
BCE-J BCE.PR.J CA05534B6531 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.1225BCE Inc. Series AJ - NSI
BCE-E BCE.PR.E CA05534B7521 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.1225BCE Inc. Series AE (formerly Bell Canada - Series 15)- NSI
BCE-H BCE.PR.H CA05534B7299 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.1225BCE Inc. Series AH (formerly Bell Canada - Series 18) - NSI
BCE-B BCE.PR.B CA05534B6952 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.1225BCE Inc. Series AB - NSI
SLF-K SLF.PR.K CA8667968579 Pfd23MTH + 2.17%$0.1428Sun Life Financial, Series 11QR
SLF-J SLF.PR.J CA8667968736 Pfd23MTH + 1.41%$0.0953Sun Life Financial, Series 9Q
GWO-O GWO.PR.O CA39138C7834 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.30%$0.0884Great-West Lifeco Inc. 2.176%, Series N
BCE-S BCE.PR.S CA05534B8693 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.1148BCE Inc. Series S - NSI
BCE-Y BCE.PR.Y CA05534B8511 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.1148BCE Inc. Series Y - NSI
MFC-P MFC.PR.P CA56501R8416 Pfd23MTH + 1.41%$0.0953Manulife Financial Corp Non-cumulative Class A Shares, Series 2
BNS-Z BNS.PR.Z CA0641496108 Pfd2H5YR + 1.34%$0.1300Bank of Nova Scotia 2.063%, Series 32BNS
BBD-C BBD.PR.C CA0977517055 NRPERPETUAL @ 6.25%$0.3900Bombardier Inc. 6.25%, Series 4
BBD-D BBD.PR.D CA0977516065 NR5YR + 80% OR + 0.78%$0.2500Bombardier Inc. 3.983%, Series 3
BMO-Q BMO.PR.Q CA0636792032 Pfd2H5YR + 1.15%$0.1125Bank of Montreal 3.90%, Series 25
BNS-F BNS.PR.F CA0641495944 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.34%$0.0909Bank of Nova Scotia, Series 33
BMO-A BMO.PR.A CA0636793022 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.15%$0.1721Bank of Montreal, Series 26

Canadian Preferred Shares – Mission

Our mission is to provide the average investor with the knowledge, up to date information, latest trends, data and tools to select the best preferreds to purchase or sell today.

Without tools like the ones we provide here, its simply not possible to make an educated decision, thus keeping most individual investors away. Our tools provide an overall view, of the preferreds market. With a few clicks you can easily locate today’s best preferreds within a sector/category or across the whole market.

Using our homepage as a starting point you can access all of our tools.


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