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Key Metrics

Prime Rate 6.9500%

3 Month Treasury bill 4.4760%
Policy Interest RateTarget 4.75%
5 Year Bond Yield 3.3550%

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Compare Preferreds within issuer

This tool will allow you to compare the preferreds within the same issuer. Please review our post on when and how you should be using this tool.

Tools to Rank Canadian Reset Preferred Shares

Which 5 Year Reset yields the most today?

You can find the Highest Yielding 5 Year Reset Preferred share and a listing of all preferreds by yield here. Use metric of column “Blended (Yield/Dividend)” to easily rank all preferreds. The table can be  sorted by the data on any column by just clicking the heading of that column. Start with this tool if your primary intent is to locate the highest yielding preferred first.

Rank Resets within Credit Rating

Rank Preferred Shares by highest yield within the same Credit Rating. The standard Credit Ratings from Dominion Bond Rating Service, credit rating agency are used for the groupings below. Start here if your primary goal is to select an issue with specific credit rating.

Tools to Rank Canadian Perpetual Preferred Shares

Which Perpetual yields the most today?

You can find the Highest Yielding Preferred share and a listing of all preferreds by yield here.

Rank Perpetuals within Credit Rating

List Perpetual Preferred Shares by highest yield within the same Credit Rating. Start here if your goal is to select a perpetual with a specific credit rating.

Compare Preferreds Within Sector

Compare Preferred shares  grouped by sector or category. Start here if you are trying to pick a preferred from within a specific sector. A great way to help you diversify your portfolio across the major sectors of Canadian Preferreds.