Compare Minimum Rate Reset Preferred Shares

Using the table below you can Compare Minimum Rate Reset Preferred Shares, issued by Canadian companies.  We have included all shares offered by all companies across all sectors. These resets offer a guaranteed minimum yield at reset time. The minimum rate limits your downside risk while at the same time you get to participate on the upside if rates go up. A great holding for all investors looking for guaranteed yields. We present the information in an easy to view and understand format.  As a result you can pick the right share to purchase or sell.

Compare Minimum Rate Reset Preferred Shares Process

This type of asset within the preferred share world is, in a way, unique. It offers the safety of a perpetual by providing a minimum fixed yield.

  1. Just like a perpetual you are guaranteed a set dividend. In this case the dividend is a minimum set at issue time. You can rest assured that no matter what the rate, you are going to receive the mimimum guaranteed dividend. In other words, your downside is defined and you can plan accordingly.
  2. Similar to a reset, it offers protection against inflation. If rates go up to the point where the 5Yr plus the spread exceeds the minimum, you will end up getting the higher yield. This is a great way to participate to the upside when interest rates move up.

I feel this type of share is one where you buy and forget. No matter what happens with interest rates you end up getting a fair deal at reset.

Sort the table on column “Fixed Rate Base” for easier parsing of the data. Check the Minimum rate and the spread over the 5Yr rate.  Use “New Spread (%Increase | value)” to find the discount / premium currently assigned to it.


We expect each investor to review the various metrics, and make a determination on the totality of their values. While at the same time expressing their personal investing style. In other words we present you with the information and you make a choice you are comfortable with.

If you need more information on how to use the metrics below, see our how to YouTube video  or our post how to pick the best preferred share of a company.


Table To Compare Minimum Rate Reset Preferred Shares

The following metrics are now only available on the premium version of this tool:

  1. Reset Date.
  2. Reset (Yield | Dividend). Represents the yield and dividend for the current issue after the upcoming reset. For this calculation it’s assumed the key rates are going to be the same as todays published rates. The reset yield is the sum of the key rate for the base term (5YR, 3Month, etc) plus the published spread. Since we do not know what the key rate will be at the time of the reset we assume its going to be the same as today. The ability to use a different set of rates during this caclulation is planned for a future release.
  3. Blended (Yield | Dividend).
  4. Rate Change Percent.
  5. Rate Change To Value.
  6. New Spread Change. It shows the effect or the current price on the issue spread of the preferred. It shows the percent increase/decrease of the new spread
  7. New Spread Value.
  8. Short Position.
  9. Additional Features.
  10. Years To Double Initial Investment. How many years will it take for the initial investment to double.
  11. Outstanding float.
  12. Market Cap In Bilions.
  13. Common Stock P/E Ratio.
  14. Common Stock P/B Ratio.
  15. Common Stock Yield.
(EST: UTC-05:00)Last Updated: Market Data 2024-May-10 20:40, Model Metrics 2024-May-10 21:26
Credit RatingSymbolPrice52W High52W Low
Fixed Rate Baseyield and dividend for the current issue based on last night’s closing stock price
Current (Yield Dividend)Name
Pfd3LBPO-C BPO.PR.C CA1129006674 $15.90$17.39$9.755YR + 5.18% Min_6%09.62% $1.5293Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._6.00%,_Series_CC
Pfd3LAX-I AX.PR.I CA04315L8657 $18.51$19.88$15.475YR + 3.93% Min_6%09.44% $1.7483Artis_REIT_6.00%,_Series_I
NRBIP-F BIP.PR.F BMG162522269 $20.75$21.48$17.505YR + 2.92% Min_5.10%07.76% $1.61150Brookfield_Infrastructure_Partners_L.P._5.10%,_Series_11
NRBIP-E BIP.PR.E BMG162522004 $21.95$22.93$17.815YR + 3.00% Min_5.00%07.56% $1.66050Brookfield_Infrastructure_Partners_L.P._5.00%,_Series_9
NRBIK-A BIK.PR.A CA09075W2094 $24.92$25.47$19.355YR + 3.96% Min_5.85%07.50% $1.86875Brookfield_Infrastructure_Partners_L.P._5.85%,_Series_1
Pfd3HBEP-M BEP.PR.M BMG162584053 $20.60$21.10$15.765YR + 3.00% Min_5.0%07.34% $1.5125Brookfield_Renewable_Partners_L.P._5.00%,_Series_13
Pfd3HEMA-H EMA.PR.H CA2908768617 $22.20$22.90$18.305YR + 2.54% Min_4.9%07.12% $1.5810Cumulative_Emera_Inc._Min_4.90%,_Series_H
Pfd3HENB.PF.K ENB.PF.K CA29250N5192 $21.95$23.00$17.175YR + 3.17% Min_4.9%07.07% $1.5530Enbridge_Inc._4.90%,_Series_19
Pfd2LBN.PF.J BN.PF.J CA11271J6280 $22.40$22.40$16.245YR + 3.10% Min_4.75%06.95% $1.5573Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.75%,_Series_48
Pfd3HPPL.PF.A PPL.PF.A CA7063277643 $22.68$22.75$17.235YR + 3.26% Min_4.9%06.94% $1.5755Class_A_Preferred_Shares,_Series_21
Pfd3HPPL.PF.E PPL.PF.E CA7063277239 $23.55$23.80$18.225YR + 3.51% Min_5.2%06.88% $1.6203PPL_Series_25_Shares,_KML_Series_25_min_5.2
Pfd2LBN.PF.I BN.PF.I CA11271J6447 $22.80$22.82$16.375YR + 3.85% Min_4.8%05.90% $1.3465Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.80%,_Series_46
Pfd3LCPX-K CPX.PR.K CA14042M8473 $25.00$25.57$22.405YR + 4.15% Min_5.75%05.75% $1.4376Capital Power Corp. 5.75%, Series 11
Pfd3HBEP-G BEP.PR.G BMG162581323 $24.30$24.50$17.555YR + 4.47% Min_5.5%05.66% $1.3750Brookfield_Renewable_Partners_L.P._5.50%,_Series_7
Pfd2LBN.PF.H BN.PF.H CA11271J6694 $23.85$24.00$18.225YR + 4.17% Min_5%05.24% $1.2500Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._5.00%,_Series_44
NRBIP-B BIP.PR.B BMG162521436 $24.15$24.67$20.215YR + 4.53% Min_5.5%05.18% $1.25200Brookfield_Infrastructure_Partners_L.P._5.50%,_Series_3
Pfd3HEMA-J EMA.PR.J CA2908768468 $20.75$22.76$16.005YR + 3.28% Min_4.25%05.12% $1.0625Cumulative_Minimum_Rate_Reset_First_Preferred_Shares,_Series_J
Pfd2CU-I CU.PR.I CA1367176262 $24.04$24.79$19.015YR + 3.69% Min_4.5%04.68% $1.1250Canadian_Utilities_Ltd._4.50%,_Series_FF
Pfd3LECN-C ECN.PR.C CA26829L6026 $16.93$21.45$13.005YR + 5.19% Min_6.25%11.72% $1.9843ECN_Capital_Corp._6.25%,_Series_C
Pfd3LBPO-I BPO.PR.I CA1129005924 $14.33$14.77$9.085YR + 3.23% Min_4.85%11.10% $1.5898Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.85%,_Series_II
Pfd3LBPO-G BPO.PR.G CA1129006260 $14.77$16.19$8.805YR + 3.74% Min_4.85%11.08% $1.6365Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.85%,_Series_GG
Pfd3LBPO-E BPO.PR.E CA1129006427 $13.65$13.89$8.405YR + 3.96% Min_5.1%10.07% $1.3740Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._5.10%,_Series_EE