BlackRock ETF CPD In Depth Data Analytics

Here I apply the same data analytics to the CPD iShares S&P/TSX Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF as I do to any portfolio. The ETF is set up as a single account(INVESTEMNT) portfolio. All the analytics performed on your account are also applied to the ETF.

See how your account metrics stack up to the metrics of the professional money managers – BlackRock ETF CPD In Depth Data Analytics.

I think its a great way to get more information on the low level detailed make up of the ETF.

I update the ETF holdings monthly, usually during the first week of each month. (Last Updated: ETF Holding section) shows the exact time and date the holdings were updated. Data analytics are updated daily(Monday through Friday). If you are looking for daily updates of CPD holdings are available here, at the BlackRock website.

BlackRock ETF CPD In Depth Data Analytics -
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