Preferreds Resetting Within 180 Days

This is a list of all Canadian preferred shares about to reset within the next 180 days. Preferreds Resetting Within 180 Days, will get a new yield and dividend payout. Thus, having an impact to your portfolio if you are holding this issue. This is the time you should review and re-evaluate your long term plan for this issue.


A month before the issue resets, the issuer will announce the new rate and dividend. For the next 5 years this issue is guaranteed to pay out the new dividend. If you are happy with the new numbers you can keep holding the position.


Once the new yield is declared by the issuer, we will apply the changes to this issue in our database. Consequently, this issue will not appear on the list for the next 5 years. In some case issues to reset within 30 days will not appear once we have set the new yield as declared by the issuer.


Some of the issues about to reset offer the holder an opportunity of converting to 3 month floating version of the same issue. The rules for the conversion can be found on the issuer’s prospectus.


    Table of Preferreds Resetting Within 180 Days

    Last Updated: Market Data Oct-18 20:00, Model Metrics Oct-18 20:42
    SymbolCredit RatingReset DateWithIn Assign Yield PeriodIssue Name
    ECN-A ECN.PR.A CA26829L4047 Pfd3L2021-12-31NoECN_Capital_Corp._6.50%,_Series_A
    CPX-G CPX.PR.G CA14042M8887 Pfd3L2021-12-31NoCapital_Power_Corp._6.00%,_Series_7
    BPO-P BPO.PR.P CA1129008167 Pfd32022-03-31NoBrookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.161%,_Series_P
    CF-A CF.PR.A CA1348013071 NR2021-09-30 To Be Reset At 4.028%NoCanaccord_Genuity_Group_Inc._3.885%,_Series_A
    BIP-C BIP.PR.C BMG162521683 NR2021-09-30 To Be RedeemedNoBrookfield_Infrastructure_Partners_L.P._5.35%,_Series_5
    BPO-E BPO.PR.E CA1129006427 Pfd32022-03-31NoBrookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._5.10%,_Series_EE
    BPO-R BPO.PR.R CA1129007821 Pfd32021-09-30 To Be Reset At 4.30%NoBrookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.155%,_Series_R
    W-M W.PR.M CA95751D1289 Pfd3H2021-10-15 To Be RedeemedNoWestcoast_Energy_Inc._5.20%,_Series_12
    ENB.PF.I ENB.PF.I CA29250N5358 Pfd3H2022-03-01NoEnbridge_Series_17,_Cumulative_Redeemable_Preference_Shares
    ALA-K ALA.PR.K CA0213618378 Pfd3L2022-03-31NoAltaGas_Ltd._5%_Series_K
    BIP-D BIP.PR.D BMG162521840 NR2022-03-31NoBrookfield_Infrastructure_Partners_L.P._5.00%,_Series_7
    TD.PF.H CA8911606652 Pfd22021-10-31NoToronto-Dominion_Bank_4.85%,_Series_14_-_NVC
    BNS-H BNS.PR.H CA0641511112 Pfd2H2022-01-27NoBank_of_Nova_Scotia_4.85%,_Series_38_-_NVC
    MFC-R MFC.PR.R CA56501R6352 Pfd22022-03-19NoManulife_Financial_Corp_Non-cumulative_Rate_Reset_Class_1_Shares_Series_23
    BMO-B BMO.PR.B CA06367X7053 Pfd2H2022-02-25NoBank_of_Montreal_4.85%,_Series_38
    BAM.PF.I CA1125854507 Pfd2L2022-03-31NoBrookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.80%,_Series_46
    FFH-K FFH.PR.K CA3039018211 Pfd3H2022-03-31NoFairfax_Financial_Holdings_Ltd._4.671%,_Series_K
    MFC-H MFC.PR.H CA56501R8176 Pfd22022-03-19NoManulife_Financial_Corp._4.6%,_Series_7
    BCE-O BCE.PR.O CA05534B6200 Pfd32022-03-01NoBCE_Inc._4.26%,_Series_AO_(formerly_BAF.PR.C)
    BAM-T BAM.PR.T CA1125857245 Pfd2L2022-03-31NoBrookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._3.471%,_Series_26
    BCE-K BCE.PR.K CA05534B6796 Pfd32021-12-01NoBCE_Inc._2.954%,_Series_AK
    MFC-G MFC.PR.G CA56501R8333 Pfd22021-12-19NoManulife_Financial_Corp._3.89%,_Series_5
    SLF-I SLF.PR.I CA8667968322 Pfd22021-12-31NoSun_Life_Financial_Inc._3.806%,_Series_12R_
    BCE-T BCE.PR.T CA05534B8107 Pfd32021-11-01NoBCE_Inc._3.019%,_Series_T_
    IFC-C IFC.PR.C CA45823T6016 Pfd22021-09-30 To Be Reset At 3.457%NoIntact_Financial_Corp._3.332%,_Series_3
    SLF-H SLF.PR.H CA8667968652 Pfd22021-09-30 To Be Reset At 2.967%NoSun_Life_Financial_Inc._2.842%,_Series_10R