Preferreds Resetting Within 180 Days

This is a list of all Canadian preferred shares about to reset within the next 180 days. Preferreds Resetting Within 180 Days, will get a new yield and dividend payout. Thus, having an impact to your portfolio if you are holding this issue. This is the time you should review and re-evaluate your long term plan for this issue.


A month before the issue resets, the issuer will announce the new rate and dividend. For the next 5 years this issue is guaranteed to pay out the new dividend. If you are happy with the new numbers you can keep holding the position.


Once the new yield is declared by the issuer, we will apply the changes to this issue in our database. Consequently, this issue will not appear on the list for the next 5 years.


Some of the issues about to reset offer the holder an opportunity of converting to 3 month floating version of the same issue. The rules for the conversion can be found on the issuer’s prospectus.


    Table of Preferreds Resetting Within 180 Days

    Last Updated: Market Data Oct-21 17:59, Model Metrics Oct-21 18:01
    SymbolCredit RatingReset DateWithIn Assign Yield PeriodIssue Name
    BCE-R BCE.PR.R CA05534B7034 Pfd32020-12-01NoBCE Inc. 4.13%, Series R
    CPX-A CPX.PR.A CA14042M3003 Pfd3L2020-12-31NoCapital Power Corp. 3.06%, Series 1
    TA-D TA.PR.D CA89346D7687 Pfd3L2021-03-31NoTransAlta Corp. 2.709%, Series A
    FN-A FN.PR.A CA33564P2026 Pfd32021-03-31NoFirst National Financial Corp. 2.79%, Series 1
    PPL-I PPL.PR.I CA7063278062 Pfd32020-12-01NoPembina Pipeline Corp 4.75% PREF SER 9
    FFH-I FFH.PR.I CA3039018476 Pfd3H2020-12-31NoFairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 3.708%, Series I
    INE-A INE.PR.A CA45790B5009 NR2021-01-01NoInnergex Renewable Energy Inc. 3.608%
    TRP-G TRP.PR.G CA87807B8592 Pfd2L2020-11-30YesTC Energy-series 11
    TRP-C TRP.PR.C CA87807B6026 Pfd2L2021-01-30NoTC Energy - Series 5
    PPL-K PPL.PR.K CA7063278716 Pfd32021-03-01NoPembina Pipeline Corp 5.75% PREF SER 11
    EML-A EML.PR.A CA2918392077 Pfd22021-04-17NoEmpire Life Insurance Company 5.75%, Series 1
    BIP-B BIP.PR.B BMG162521436 NR2020-12-31NoBrookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. 5.50%, Series 3
    BEP-G BEP.PR.G BMG162581323 Pfd3H2021-01-31NoBrookfield Renewable Partners L.P. 5.50%, Series 7
    PWF-P PWF.PR.P CA73927C7796 Pfd2H2021-01-31NoPower Financial Corp. 2.306%, Series P
    BCE-M BCE.PR.M CA05534B6465 Pfd32021-03-01NoBCE Inc. 2.764%, Series AM  (formerly BAF.PR.A)
    ALA-I ALA.PR.I CA0213618527 Pfd3L2020-12-31NoAltaGas Ltd. 5.25% Series I
    GWO-N GWO.PR.N CA39138C7917 Pfd2H2020-12-31NoGreat-West Lifeco Inc. 2.176%, Series N
    W-K W.PR.K CA95751D8474 Pfd3H2021-01-15NoWestcoast Energy Inc. 5.25%, Series 10
    BAM.PF.H CA1125854846 Pfd2L2020-12-31NoBrookfield Asset Management Inc. 5.00%, Series 44
    RY-M RY.PR.M CA78012T4708 Pfd2H2020-11-24YesRoyal Bank of Canada 3.60%, Series BF - NVCC
    CU-I CU.PR.I CA1367176262 Pfd2H2020-12-01NoCanadian Utilities Ltd. 4.50%, Series FF
    BNS-Z BNS.PR.Z CA0641496108 Pfd2H2021-02-02NoBank of Nova Scotia 2.063%, Series 32BNS
    HSE-A HSE.PR.A CA4480552021 Pfd2L2021-03-31NoHusky Energy Inc. 2.404%, Series 1