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As you can imagine, it takes time and money to keep this website going.

Please consider supporting us – $24 will give you complete access for a year to the premium version of this website.  Premium version features:

  • Market and model data updated daily.
  • Additional Features like
    • Credit Rating groupings of  PFD-2* , PFD-3*, and  “Not Rated”
    • Compares for sectors Floating Rate Resets – Pipelines – Real Estate – Telecom
    • Compare Tables with additional metrics
      • Rate Increase Percent – Now in its own column
      • Rate Increase Value – Now in its own column
      • New Spread Increase – In its own column
      • New Spread Percent – In its own column
      • Additional Features (New column, shows Cumulative or Non.)
      • P/B Ratio.
      • Common Stock Yield.
  • No Ads
  • Planned, Future upgrades to Premium
    • A: Portfolio. Will allow you to have multiple accounts of various types (Registered, TFSA, etc).
    • Multidimensional Breakdown and reports on portfolio holdings
      • Portfolio Group levels
        • Overall Portfolio (all holdings across all your accounts)
        • Account type (ie Register / TFSA / Investment) – All holdings across all accounts within the specified type (ie Registered)
      • Holding Group levels
        • % and Positions By Company (issuers) across all Portfolio Group Levels
        • % and Positions Credit Rating across all Portfolio Group Levels
        • % and Positions Sector across all Portfolio Group Levels
    • B:History / Past time snapshot. We have been keeping the history of  daily closing snapshots of the preffereds stock market, rates, indices and headlines.
      • This will allow users to view the website as if it was any day in the past for which we have kept the history.
      • All compare tools in the website today will reflect the data and functionality for the passed date you have selected to view.
      • Great tool  to see how the preferreds behaved when interest rates where at various levels in the past as well as the relationship between the various types of preferreds at the time.

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