List of Floating-Rate Preferred Stocks

Floating-Rate Preferred shares are preferred shares with a yield resetting every 3 months. The new yield is always the declared spread plus the yield of the Canada 3 Month Government Bond. A List of Floating-Rate Preferred Stocks is provided in the table below. The table is updated daily to reflect all changes in the market for the floating-rate preferreds.

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On January 9, 2020

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Floating-Rate Preferred shares are preferred shares with a yield reseting every 3 months. The new yield is always the declared spread plus the yield of the Canada 3 Month Government Bond. A List of Floating-Rate Preferred Stocks is provided in the table below. The table is updated daily to reflect all changes in the market for the floating-rate preferreds.

These are the most common variations of floating rate preferreds.

  • Fixed to Floating Rate Issues. They start as 5 year fixed and than convert to a floating-rate at the end of the period.
  • Floating Rate Preferred. These are floating since issue date.



List of Floating-Rate Preferred Stocks Today

Here is the list of the the Floating-Rate preferreds.  We have done all the legwork, therefore saving you time and making the selection process faster. Consequently the only task left for you is picking the right preferred.  Each day we update the data model with the latest information for each preferred. As a result, this table is always reflecting today’s highest yielding preferred.

For you, selecting the highest yielding preferred does not get easier. As with all of the tools, we provide in this site, the definition of the metrics “Table columns” is presented in a separate article Ranking Table Column Information.

Last Updated: Market Data Sep-28 11:40, Model Metrics Sep-28 12:01
SymbolCredit RatingFixed Rate BaseDividend AmountConverts ToOptional Conversion DateIssue Name
BRF-B BRF.PR.B CA11283Q3052 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.62%$0.3886Brookfield_Renewable_Power_,_Series_2
FFH-F FFH.PR.F CA3039018708 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.16%$0.3599Fairfax_Financial_Holdings_Ltd.,_Series_F
TRP-H TRP.PR.H CA87807B5036 Pfd2L3MTH + 1.28%$0.3049TC_Energy-series_4
NPI-B NPI.PR.B CA6665115060 NR3MTH + 2.80%$0.3999Northland_Power_Inc.,_Series_2
ALA-B ALA.PR.B CA0213613080 Pfd3L3MTH + 2.66%$0.3911ALA-A2025SEP30AltaGas_Ltd._cumulative_redeemable_floating_rate_preferred_shares_Series_B
TRP-F TRP.PR.F CA87807B3056 Pfd2L3MTH + 1.92%$0.3449TC_Energy-series_2
BCE-N BCE.PR.N CA05534B6382 Pfd33MTH + 2.09%$0.3555BCE-M2026MAR31BCE_Inc.,_Series_AN
FFH-J FFH.PR.J CA3039018393 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.85%$0.4030Fairfax_Financial_Holdings_Ltd.,_Series_J
PWF-Q PWF.PR.Q CA73927C7614 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.60%$0.3249Power_Financial_Corp.__Series_Q
TRP-I TRP.PR.I CA87807B7016 Pfd2L3MTH + 1.54%$0.3211TC_Energy-series_6
BBD-B BBD.PR.B CA0977515075 NRFLOATING(>=50% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.1135Bombardier_Inc.,_Series_2
FFH-H FFH.PR.H CA3039018542 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.56%$0.3849Fairfax_Financial_Holdings_Ltd.,_Series_H
TA-E TA.PR.E CA89346D7505 Pfd3L3MTH + 2.03%$0.3518TransAlta_Corp.,_Series_B
FFH-D FFH.PR.D CA3039016074 Pfd3H3MTH + 3.15%$0.4218Fairfax_Financial_Holdings_Ltd.,_Series_D
CVE-B CVE.PR.B CA4480553011 Pfd33MTH + 1.73%$0.3330Cenovus_Energy_Inc_Pref_Series_2
BCE-L BCE.PR.L CA05534B6614 Pfd33MTH + 1.88%$0.3424BCE-K2026DEC31BCE_Inc.,_Series_AL
SLF-J SLF.PR.J CA8667968736 Pfd23MTH + 1.41%$0.3130Sun_Life_Financial,_Series_9Q
MFC-P MFC.PR.P CA56501R8416 Pfd23MTH + 1.41%$0.3130Manulife_Financial_Corp_Non-cumulative_Class_A_Shares,_Series_2
FTS-I FTS.PR.I CA3495538181 Pfd3H3MTH + 1.45%$0.31553M_GoC_T-Bill_Yld_+1.45%
BPO-Y BPO.PR.Y CA1129007177 Pfd3FLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.2384Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc_Series_Y
BPO-X BPO.PR.X CA1129007417 Pfd3FLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.2384Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc_Series_V
BPO-W BPO.PR.W CA1129007334 Pfd3FLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.2384Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc_Series_W
SLF-K SLF.PR.K CA8667968579 Pfd23MTH + 2.17%$0.3605Sun_Life_Financial,_Series_11QR
BAM-B BAM.PR.B CA1125852030 Pfd2LFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.4633Brookfield_Asset_Mgmt._Inc.,_Series_2
BAM-C BAM.PR.C CA1125854010 Pfd2LFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.4633Brookfield_Asset_Mgmt._Inc.,_Series_4
BAM-K BAM.PR.K CA1125858722 Pfd2LFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.4633Brookfield_Asset_Mgmt._Inc.,_Series_13
PWF-A PWF.PR.A CA73927C2094 Pfd2HFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.2384Power_Financial_Corp.__Series_A
IFC-D IFC.PR.D CA45823T5026 Pfd23MTH + 2.66%$0.3911Intact_Financial_Corp.,_Series_4
TRI-B TRI.PR.B CA8849033037 Pfd3HFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.2384Thomson_Reuters_Corp.,_Series_II
BCE-B BCE.PR.B CA05534B6952 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.2725BCE-A2027SEP01BCE_Inc._Series_AB__-_NSI
BCE-E BCE.PR.E CA05534B7521 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.2725BCE-F2025FEB01BCE_Inc._Series_AE__(formerly_Bell_Canada_-_Series_15)-_NSI
BCE-H BCE.PR.H CA05534B7299 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.2725BCE-G2026MAY01BCE_Inc._Series_AH___(formerly_Bell_Canada_-_Series_18)_-_NSI
BCE-J BCE.PR.J CA05534B6531 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.2725BCE-I2026AUG01BCE_Inc._Series_AJ__-_NSI
BCE-D BCE.PR.D CA05534B6879 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.2725BCE-C2023MAR01BCE_Inc._Series_AD__-_NSI
BCE-Y BCE.PR.Y CA05534B8511 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.2555BCE-Z2022DEC01BCE_Inc._Series_Y__-_NSI
BCE-S BCE.PR.S CA05534B8693 Pfd3FLOATING(>=80% OF PRIME RATE <=100%)$0.2555BCE-T2026NOV01BCE_Inc._Series_S__-_NSI
EMA-B EMA.PR.B CA2908764087 NR3 MTH + 1.84%$0.3399Cumulative_Floating_Rate_First_Preferred_Shares,_Series_B
FN-B FN.PR.B CA33564P3016 Pfd33MTH + 2.07%$0.3543First_National_Financial_Corp.,_Series_2
DC-D DC.PR.D CA2649018025 NR3MTH + 4.10%$0.4811Dundee_Corp.,_Series_3

Canadian Preferred Shares – Mission

Our mission is to provide the average investor with the knowledge, up to date information, latest trends, data and tools to select the best preferreds to purchase or sell today.

Without tools like the ones we provide here, its simply not possible to make an educated decision, thus keeping most individual investors away. Our tools provide an overall view, of the preferreds market. With a few clicks you can easily locate today’s best preferreds within a sector/category or across the whole market.

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  1. J

    Floating-Rate Preferred…Are these listed by yield anywhere? Same question for Minimum resets.
    Your Ranking Table Column Information should be linked under other tools…..I stumbled across it once
    and could not find it again….until I stumbled across it again.
    Great site

    • alex aaa

      HI Yves, I use the floating dividend calculation provided by BCE for this preferred. Based on the formula they provide the expected dividend for this quarter should be 0.1225. I do not hold this preferred so I don’t know what the actual dividend is. Looking at the link you provided for BCE, it also has no actual value it just says floating.

      • larry willoughby

        just received the 0.051 on my BCE. b prefs last week


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