Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible that there are errors in the data?

Yes, data errors are possible.  If you notice any errors we would greatly appreciate if you let us know – it would make this website better for everyone.

Where does your data come from?

We base our calculations on the data we receive from Google Finance. We don’t verify individual prices as we’ve never had any issues.

I donated for access to the Premium website but I haven't not yet received any details.

The details for the Premium site are sent to the email you used with the donation.  Please check that email, including the Spam, Junk, and Promotions folders.  If you still don’t see anything after 24 hours, please send an email to

How much does access to the Premium site cost? What do I get?

Please take a look at our Support Page – this contains the details of what the Premium site contains.

I can't decided whether I should join the Premium site.

Stay on the free site for a few months to get a feel for how it can benefit you. If it’s helpful and you appreciate our content, then sign up for the Premium site. If you’re happy on the free site, we’re happy to have you using it.

Can I contribute with my credit card and not PayPal?

On the Support page, click on the Contribute Now button. You’ll then see the paypal screen. There’s a grey button near the bottome that says ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’. Click on that and you’ll be prompted for your credit card details.

Why can't I find the preferred share that I currently hold?

Our system will not track preferred shares with credit rating lower than PFD-3L; preferred shares issued in US dollars; and preferred shares with a face value other than $25.

What's the best share to purchase for a long term, steady dividend income?

We are not financial advisors, nor do we provide financial advice. We can only provide you with the data, to help you figure out the best investment for yourself.

What are the definitions of the fields in your tables, and how are they calculated?

Please see our Table Column Definitions page to find definitions of all the column used in our ranking tables.

I was wondering if you could include a tool to sort preferred by price?

All columns on all tables and lists are sortable. Just click on the Column title and the table gets sorted by the values on that column.

How do I set up my Portfolio?

First you must register for a user ID. When your account has been approved, log in and navigate to the Portfolio page. Add an account, and then add holdings in that account. A step-by-step guide can be found in the following video: “How to Set Up Your Portfolio“.

What type of reports will I be able to get if I set up my Portfolio?

You will be able to see Data Analytics at the Portfolio level, at the Registered Group level, TFSA Group level and Investment Group level. Within those group you will be able to see data by Issuer, by Credit Rating, by Share Type, and your Dividend Information. A sample account’s reports can be found in this video: “Quick Overview of New Portfolio Feature“.