Compare Preferred Shares Of Holding Companies

Using these tables you can Compare Preferred Shares Of Holding Companies.  All companies compared here have a power generation operation either in Canada or internationally. List includes all the big ones like (Emera and   TransAlta) as well as smaller ones like ( Atlantic Power and Northland Power).  All types of preferred’s are included (perpetual, fixed, floating) in one table. We present the information in an easy, to view and understand format.  As a result you can pick the right share to purchase or sell. Power generation from renewables like (Solar panels, Hydro Electric, wind power and biomass) is the ultimate goal for most power generating utilities.

Compare Preferred Shares Of Holding Companies Process

Each investor has a unique selection process. Consequently the same metric is viewed differently. That is to say, the weight assigned to the metric differs for each investor, thus resulting in a dissimilar selection.

  1. Some investors, looking for high yield over the next 5 years, will put more emphasis on the “Blended Yield” metric. As a result, the issue with the most dividend over the next 5 years is selected.
  2. More weight should be given to the “Credit Rating” metric, if you are looking for the highest credit worthy issues. That is to say, sacrificing some yield for security, is a good fit for the long term and “buy and hold” investors.
  3. Good value is indicated by the metric “Rate Increase Percent”.  This also highlights the stocks with the most room for capital gains, if rates start going up. A value investor may find this appealing.


We expect each investor, to review the various metrics, and make a determination on the totality of their values. While at the same time expressing their personal investing style. In other words we present you with the information and you make a choice you are comfortable with.


Two tables are provided here. Review both, since the information provided contributes to the selection process.

If you need more information on how to use the metrics below, see our how to YouTube video  or our post how to pick the best preferred share of a company.


Table To Compare Preferred Shares Of Holding Companies

The following metrics are now only available on the premium version of this tool:

  1. Reset Date.
  2. Reset (Yield | Dividend).
  3. Blended (Yield | Dividend). A (What If) scenario. It represents the blended yield and dividend for the current issue. It should only be used as a reference. It is not meant to show actual returns for Yield/Dividend. This metric has merit only when applied across all issues being considered.
  4. Rate Change Percent.
  5. Rate Change To Value.
  6. New Spread Change.
  7. New Spread Value. This reflects the effect or the current price on the issue spread of the preferred. It shows the effective new spread of the share due to its drop or rise of its share value
  8. Short Position.
  9. Additional Features.
  10. Years To Double Initial Investment.
  11. Outstanding float. This is the outstanding float for this preferred.
  12. Market Cap In Bilions.
  13. Common Stock P/E Ratio.
  14. Common Stock P/B Ratio.
  15. Common Stock Yield. Current yield of the common. Should be considered if preferred yield is lower.
(EST: UTC-05:00)Last Updated: Market Data 2024-Jun-14 16:38, Model Metrics 2024-Jun-15 08:13
Credit RatingSymbolPrice52W High52W Low
Fixed Rate Baseyield and dividend for the current issue based on last night’s closing stock price
Current (Yield Dividend)Name
Pfd2LBN.PF.D BN.PF.D CA11271J7437 $17.68$18.78$15.61PERPETUAL @ 4.90%06.92% $1.2240Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.90%,_Series_37
Pfd2LBN-N BN.PR.N CA11271J8005 $17.20$18.50$15.08PERPETUAL @ 4.75%06.91% $1.1880Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.75%,_Series_18
Pfd2LBN-M BN.PR.M CA11271J7015 $17.45$18.85$15.10PERPETUAL @ 4.75%06.81% $1.1880Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.75%,_Series_17
Pfd2LBN.PF.C BN.PF.C CA11271J7502 $17.90$18.80$15.43PERPETUAL @ 4.85%06.77% $1.2120Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.85%,_Series_36
Pfd2LBN.PF.E BN.PF.E CA11271J7353 $16.75$18.67$13.375YR + 2.55%05.32% $0.8920Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc.__3.568%__Series_38
Pfd2LBN.PF.B BN.PF.B CA11271J7767 $19.15$20.50$15.975YR + 2.63%08.02% $1.5363Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.20%,_Series_34
Pfd2LBN.PF.A BN.PF.A CA11271J7924 $21.00$22.45$18.025YR + 2.90%08.03% $1.6860Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.50%,_Series_32
Pfd2LBN-X BN.PR.X CA11271J8427 $15.12$17.30$12.055YR + 1.80%07.61% $1.1515Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._2.727%,_Series_28
Pfd2LBN.PF.F BN.PF.F CA11271J7197 $18.90$20.79$15.255YR + 2.86%05.31% $1.0043Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.50%,_Series_40
Pfd2LBN.PF.G BN.PF.G CA11271J6850 $17.30$19.30$13.455YR + 2.84%04.70% $0.8132Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.50%,_Series_42
Pfd2LBN-Z BN.PR.Z CA11271J8260 $20.14$21.70$16.085YR + 2.96%07.56% $1.5223Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.685%,_Series_30
Pfd2LBN-R BN.PR.R CA11271J8831 $15.10$17.02$11.775YR + 2.30%05.36% $0.8093Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._3.014%,_Series_24
Pfd2LBN-T BN.PR.T CA11271J8674 $15.16$17.05$11.855YR + 2.31%06.34% $0.9615Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._3.471%,_Series_26
Pfd2LBN.PF.J BN.PF.J CA11271J6280 $22.23$23.46$16.245YR + 3.10% Min_4.75%07.00% $1.5573Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.75%,_Series_48
Pfd2LBN.PF.H BN.PF.H CA11271J6694 $23.44$24.27$18.225YR + 4.17% Min_5%05.33% $1.2500Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._5.00%,_Series_44
Pfd2LBN.PF.I BN.PF.I CA11271J6447 $21.64$23.89$16.375YR + 3.85% Min_4.8%06.22% $1.3465Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.80%,_Series_46
Pfd2LBN.PF.L BN.PF.L CA11271J5860 $12.01$12.30$9.70NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 3.307005.03% $0.6040Brookfield_Asset_Mgmt._Inc.,_Series_52

Here is a Limited Version of the Premium - Compare Tool.

A limited number of rows is included with the full metrics. This is a sample only. See link at footer for information on subscription to the premium version

(EST: UTC-05:00)Last Updated: Market Data 2024-Jun-14 16:38, Model Metrics 2024-Jun-15 08:13
Credit RatingSymbolPrice52W High52W Low
Fixed Rate Baseyield and dividend for the current issue based on last night’s closing stock price
Current (Yield Dividend)
Reset (Yield Dividend)yield and dividend for the current issue after the upcoming reset
Blended (Yield Dividend)follow link passed the end of the table to see definition
Yield To CallReset Date Y/M/DPay Div DateEx Div DateRate Change percentRate Change to valueNew Spread valueShort PositionAdditional FeaturesConverts ToYears To Double Initial InvestmentP/E RatioMarket Cap In BillionsP/B RatioCommon Stock YieldProjected Common Stock YieldOutstanding FloatName
Pfd2LBN.PF.D BN.PF.D CA11271J7437 $17.68$18.78$15.61PERPETUAL @ 4.90%06.92% $1.2240N/A06.92% $1.224017.17%perpetual2024-06-272024-09-12041%6.93%N/A74,194 Cumulative10.3535.0816.8 B2.311.89%0.00%7,830,091Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.90%,_Series_37
Pfd2LBN-N BN.PR.N CA11271J8005 $17.20$18.50$15.08PERPETUAL @ 4.75%06.91% $1.1880N/A06.91% $1.188017.95%perpetual2024-06-272024-09-12045%6.90%N/A19,697 Cumulative10.3735.0816.8 B2.311.89%0.00%7,681,088Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.75%,_Series_18
Pfd2LBN-M BN.PR.M CA11271J7015 $17.45$18.85$15.10PERPETUAL @ 4.75%06.81% $1.1880N/A06.81% $1.188017.45%perpetual2024-06-272024-09-12043%6.81%N/A86,508 Cumulative10.5135.0816.8 B2.311.89%0.00%7,840,204Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.75%,_Series_17
Pfd2LBN.PF.C BN.PF.C CA11271J7502 $17.90$18.80$15.43PERPETUAL @ 4.85%06.77% $1.2120N/A06.77% $1.212016.68%perpetual2024-06-272024-09-12039%6.77%N/A1,075 Cumulative10.5735.0816.8 B2.311.89%0.00%7,842,909Brookfield_Asset_Management_Inc._4.85%,_Series_36


Reset Scenarios Based on Various G.O.C. 5 Year Bond Yield Rates

The following table presents 6 scenarios, of the issues resetting based on different 5 Year Bond rates. Each scenario consists of 3 columns and grouped by color. The rates assumed for the reset are as follows:
  • Scenario 1: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 1.50%
  • Scenario 2: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 2.00%
  • Scenario 3: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 2.50%
  • Scenario 4: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 3.0%
  • Scenario 5: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 3.50%
  • Scenario 6: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 4.00%

Note: Only the first 3 "What if scenarios" of the total 6 are available on the Free Site. All 6 scenarios can be viewed in the premium site

For more information please review our video and/or post. Links available at the bottom of the page

Rank Preferreds - Compare Reset Scenarios

(EST: UTC-05:00)Last Updated: Market Data 2024-Jun-14 16:38, Model Metrics 2024-Jun-15 08:13
Credit RatingSymbolReset Date Y/M/DCurrent (Yield Dividend)
5Yr @ 1.50%. Reset (Yield Dividend)Scenario: 1 yield and dividend based on GOC 5yr Rate of 5Yr @ 1.50%.
5Yr @ 1.50%. Blended (Yield Dividend)5Yr @ 1.50%. Rate Change (percent | to value )
5Yr @ 2.00%. Reset (Yield Dividend)Scenario: 2 yield and dividend based on GOC 5yr Rate of 5Yr @ 2.00%.
5Yr @ 2.00%. Blended (Yield Dividend)5Yr @ 2.00%. Rate Change (percent | to value )
5Yr @ 2.50%. Reset (Yield Dividend)Scenario: 3 yield and dividend based on GOC 5yr Rate of 5Yr @ 2.50%.
5Yr @ 2.50%. Blended (Yield Dividend)5Yr @ 2.50%. Rate Change (percent | to value )
Pfd2LBN.PF.E BN.PF.E CA11271J7353 2025MAR3105.32% $0.89206.04% $1.0105.88% $0.98049% 6.04%6.79% $1.1406.50% $1.09049% 6.79%7.54% $1.2607.08% $1.18049% 7.54%
Pfd2LBN.PF.B BN.PF.B CA11271J7767 2029MAR3108.02% $1.53635.39% $1.0308.02% $1.53030% 5.39%6.04% $1.1608.02% $1.53030% 6.04%6.70% $1.2808.02% $1.53030% 6.70%
Pfd2LBN.PF.A BN.PF.A CA11271J7924 2028SEP3008.03% $1.68605.24% $1.1007.74% $1.62019% 5.24%5.83% $1.2307.81% $1.64019% 5.83%6.43% $1.3507.86% $1.65019% 6.43%
Pfd2LBN-X BN.PR.X CA11271J8427 2027JUN3007.61% $1.15155.46% $0.8206.85% $1.03065% 5.46%6.28% $0.9507.14% $1.08065% 6.28%7.11% $1.0807.45% $1.12065% 7.11%
Pfd2LBN.PF.F BN.PF.F CA11271J7197 2024SEP3005.31% $1.00435.77% $1.0905.72% $1.08032% 5.77%6.43% $1.2206.34% $1.19032% 6.43%7.09% $1.3406.91% $1.30032% 7.09%
Pfd2LBN.PF.G BN.PF.G CA11271J6850 2025JUN3004.70% $0.81326.27% $1.0905.90% $1.02044% 6.27%6.99% $1.2106.42% $1.11044% 6.99%7.72% $1.3406.98% $1.20044% 7.72%
Pfd2LBN-Z BN.PR.Z CA11271J8260 2027DEC3107.56% $1.52235.54% $1.1207.05% $1.42024% 5.54%6.16% $1.2407.20% $1.45024% 6.16%6.78% $1.3707.36% $1.48024% 6.78%
Pfd2LBN-R BN.PR.R CA11271J8831 2026JUN3005.36% $0.80936.29% $0.9505.87% $0.88065% 6.29%7.12% $1.0806.34% $0.95065% 7.12%7.95% $1.2006.78% $1.02065% 7.95%
Pfd2LBN-T BN.PR.T CA11271J8674 2027MAR3106.34% $0.96156.28% $0.9506.31% $0.95064% 6.28%7.11% $1.0806.65% $1.00065% 7.11%7.93% $1.2006.97% $1.05064% 7.93%
Pfd2LBN.PF.J BN.PF.J CA11271J6280 2027DEC3107.00% $1.55735.34% $1.1906.59% $1.46012% 5.34%5.74% $1.2806.69% $1.48012% 5.74%6.30% $1.4006.82% $1.51012% 6.30%
Pfd2LBN.PF.H BN.PF.H CA11271J6694 2025DEC3105.33% $1.25006.05% $1.4205.80% $1.36006% 6.05%6.58% $1.5406.13% $1.43006% 6.58%7.11% $1.6706.49% $1.52006% 7.11%
Pfd2LBN.PF.I BN.PF.I CA11271J6447 2027MAR3106.22% $1.34656.18% $1.3406.21% $1.34015% 6.18%6.76% $1.4606.43% $1.39015% 6.76%7.34% $1.5906.67% $1.44015% 7.34%
Pfd2LBN.PF.L BN.PF.L CA11271J5860 2026NOV0105.03% $0.60402.20% $0.2603.61% $0.43083% 2.20%2.93% $0.3503.98% $0.47083% 2.93%3.66% $0.4404.34% $0.52083% 3.66%