Safest Preferred Stocks to Buy Today

What are the Safest Preferred Stocks to Buy Today. This is a listing of the Safest Preferred Stocks offered by Canadian companies today in the market. All types of preferred’s are included (perpetual, fixed, floating) in one table.We present the information in an easy, to view and understand format. As a result you can pick the right share to purchase or sell.

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On April 24, 2020

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Is it possible to select a preferred with very little to no risk? Can you do this with minimal homework? Yes you can. Which are the Safest Preferred Stocks to Buy Today in the Canadian market? What metrics can you use to make a quick decision with minimal risk?

It is actually quite easy to pick the Safest preferred shares. In this article I will explain my selection process and provide you with an up to date list of preferreds shares available in the market.   This list is updated on a regular basis.  Consequently, new issues appear and redeemed issues are removed. All types of preferred’s are included (perpetual, fixed, floating) in one table.  We have included all qualifying companies from all sectors.  Information is presented in an easy, to view and understand format. As a result you can pick the right share to purchase. 

How to Locate The Safest Preferred Stock To Buy Today

All large investment grade companies get rated by Credit Rating Companies. These Agencies apply a uniform methodology when rating the companies. All we have to do is find the credit rating assigned to a company by the rating agencies. A credit rating of PFD-2H  or higher is given to the safest preferreds in the Canadian market.  The list of preferreds on the table below are based on this rating.

Some additional factors to consider include

  1. Credit ratings reflect the state of the company being rated at the time the rating was assigned. You should still do some investigation to ensure the credit rating is not under review.
  2. Yields on these preferreds will be among the lowest.
  3. Since multiple issues appear on the list you will need to narrow them down to the ones that fit your personal requirements. Our website provides you with multiple resources to analyze each of the companies. Once you have selected the right company you can compare it to similar companies in the same sector making sure you still want to proceed with the selected company. 
  4. After selecting the company you need to pick which of the issues you want to go with. This can be easily achieved since we provide you with a compare page where all issues of a particular company can be easily compared. Using the available metrics on this page you can select the issue that best fits your future view of the market.

List of Safest Preferred Stocks to Buy Today

If you are looking for a way to evaluate the highest credit rated preferreds in the market today,  go to Compare Preferred Shares With Credit Rating Pfd-2H. The metrics provided in the tool make it easier to narrow your selection.

Here is the list of all the safest preferred shares to buy today in the Canadian stock market.

Last Updated: Market Data Nov-27 16:31, Model Metrics Nov-27 17:02
SymbolCredit RatingFixed Rate BaseDividend AmountIssue Name
IAF-I IAF.PR.I CA4558718710 Pfd2H5YR + 2.75%$0.3000Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial 4.80%, Series I
PWF-T PWF.PR.T CA73927C7382 Pfd2H5YR + 2.37%$0.2625Power Financial Corp. 4.20%, Series T
PWF-I PWF.PR.I CA73927C8455 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 6.00%$0.3750Power Financial Corp. 6.00%, Series I
PWF-G PWF.PR.G CA73927C8786 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.90%$0.3700Power Financial Corp. 5.90%, Series F
GWO-F GWO.PR.F CA39138C8097 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.90%$0.3700Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.90%, Series F
PWF-O PWF.PR.O CA73927C7879 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.3625Power Financial Corp. 5.80%, Series O
GWO-M GWO.PR.M CA39138C8170 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.3625Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.80%, Series M
PWF-H PWF.PR.H CA73927C8604 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.75%$0.3600Power Financial Corp. 5.75%, Series H
BNS-I BNS.PR.I CA06415E3032 Pfd2H5YR + 2.43%$0.3025Bank of Nova Scotia 4.85%, Series 40 - NVCCBNS
RY-S RY.PR.S CA78013R3909 Pfd2H5YR + 2.38%$0.3000Royal Bank of Canada 4.80%, Series BO - NVCC
BMO-E BMO.PR.E CA06368B2075 Pfd2H5YR + 2.68%$0.3025Bank of Montreal 4.85%, Series 44 - NVC
GWO-L GWO.PR.L CA39138C8253 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.65%$0.3525Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.65%, Series L
PWF-R PWF.PR.R CA73927C7531 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.50%$0.3450Power Financial Corp. 5.50%, Series R
BNS-E BNS.PR.E CA0641495522 Pfd2H5YR + 4.51%$0.3450Bank of Nova Scotia 5.50%, Series 34 - NVCCBNS
RY-Q RY.PR.Q CA78013L2113 Pfd2H5YR + 4.53%$0.3450Royal Bank of Canada 5.50%, Series BK - NVCC
PWF-E PWF.PR.E CA73927C8034 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.50%$0.3450Power Financial Corp. 5.50%, Series D
BNS-G BNS.PR.G CA0641512029 Pfd2H5YR + 4.72%$0.3450Bank of Nova Scotia 5.50%, Series 36 - NVC
RY-R RY.PR.R CA78013N2749 Pfd2H5YR + 4.80%$0.3450Royal Bank of Canada 5.50%, Series BM - NVCC
GWO-P GWO.PR.P CA39138C7750 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.40%$0.3375Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.40%, Series P
CIU-C CIU.PR.C CA22944C5028 Pfd2H5YR + 1.36%$0.1400Canadian Utilities Ltd. 2.24% 5YR RT RES CUM RED PFD SER 4
GWO-N GWO.PR.N CA39138C7917 Pfd2H5YR + 1.30%$0.1350Great-West Lifeco Inc. 2.176%, Series N
GWO-S GWO.PR.S CA39138C7347 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3275Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.25%, Series S
PWF-F PWF.PR.F CA73927C8869 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.25%$0.3275Power Financial Corp. 5.25%, Series E
GWO-G GWO.PR.G CA39138C8824 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.20%$0.3250Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.20%, Series G
CU-H CU.PR.H CA1367176346 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.25%$0.3275Canadian Utilities Ltd. 5.25%, Series EE
GWO-Q GWO.PR.Q CA39138C7677 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3225Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.15%, Series Q
PWF-L PWF.PR.L CA73927C8299 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.10%$0.3200Power Financial Corp. 5.10%, Series L
GWO-T GWO.PR.T CA39138C7263 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3225Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.15%, Series T
PWF-Z PWF.PR.Z CA73927C7127 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3225Power Financial Corp. 5.15%, Series V
BMO-F BMO.PR.F CA06368B1085 Pfd2H5YR + 3.51%$0.3185Bank of Montreal 5.10%, Series 46 - NVCCBMO
PWF-K PWF.PR.K CA73927C8372 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.95%$0.3100Power Financial Corp. 4.95%, Series K
RY-P RY.PR.P CA78013K2882 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.25%$0.3275Royal Bank of Canada 5.25%, Series BJ - NVC
BMO-S BMO.PR.S CA0636794012 Pfd2H5YR + 2.33%$0.2408Bank of Montreal 4.00%, Series 27 -
CIU-A CIU.PR.A CA22944C2058 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.60%$0.2875CU Inc 4.6% Series 1
BMO-W BMO.PR.W CA0636798807 Pfd2H5YR + 2.22%$0.2407Bank of Montreal 3.80%, Series 31 - NVC
PWF-P PWF.PR.P CA73927C7796 Pfd2H5YR + 1.60%$0.1450Power Financial Corp. 2.306%, Series P
CU-D CU.PR.D CA1367176759 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.90%, Series AA
CU-E CU.PR.E CA1367176676 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.90%, Series BB
IAF-G IAF.PR.G CA4558718066 Pfd2H5YR + 2.85%$0.2350Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial 3.777%, Series G
PWF-S PWF.PR.S CA73927C7465 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.80%$0.3000Power Financial Corp. 4.80%, Series S
BMO-T BMO.PR.T CA0636796090 Pfd2H5YR + 2.24%$0.2265Bank of Montreal 3.90%, Series 29
GWO-H GWO.PR.H CA39138C8741 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.85%$0.3025Great-West Lifeco Inc. 4.85%, Series H
CU-C CU.PR.C CA1367176916 Pfd2H5YR + 2.40%$0.2125Canadian Utilities Ltd. 3.40%, Series Y
GWO-R GWO.PR.R CA39138C7594 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3000Great-West Lifeco Inc. 4.80%, Series R
RY-Z RY.PR.Z CA78012G4117 Pfd2H5YR + 2.21%$0.2313Royal Bank of Canada 4.00%, Series AZ - NVCC
CU-G CU.PR.G CA1367176429 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.50%, Series DD
CU-F CU.PR.F CA1367176593 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.50%, Series CC
RY-N RY.PR.N CA78013J4550 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Royal Bank of Canada 4.90%, Series BH - NVC
RY-O RY.PR.O CA78013K6016 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Royal Bank of Canada 4.90%, Series BI - NVC
BMO-B BMO.PR.B CA06367X7053 Pfd2H5YR + 4.06%$0.3025Bank of Montreal 4.85%, Series 38
GWO-I GWO.PR.I CA39138C8667 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Great-West Lifeco Inc. 4.50%, Series I
BNS-H BNS.PR.H CA0641511112 Pfd2H5YR + 4.19%$0.3025Bank of Nova Scotia 4.85%, Series 38 - NVC
EIT-A EIT.PR.A CA13780R2081 Pfd2HRETRACTABLE + 4.80%$0.3000Canoe EIT Income Fund 4.80%, Series 1
EIT-B EIT.PR.B CA13780R1331 Pfd2HRETRACTABLE + 4.80%$0.3000Canoe EIT Income Fund 4.80%, Series 2
IAF-B IAF.PR.B CA4558713018 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.60%$0.2875Industrial Alliance Insurance & Financial 4.60%, Series B
RY-H RY.PR.H CA78012H5675 Pfd2H5YR + 2.26%$0.2281Royal Bank of Canada 3.90%, Series BB - NVCC
BMO-C BMO.PR.C CA06368A2092 Pfd2H5YR + 3.33%$0.2825Bank of Montreal 4.50%, Series 40
BMO-D BMO.PR.D CA06367X8879 Pfd2H5YR + 3.17%$0.2750Bank of Montreal 4.40%, Series 42
CU-I CU.PR.I CA1367176262 Pfd2H5YR MIN 4.5% + 3.69%$0.2813Canadian Utilities Ltd. 4.50%, Series FF
PWF-A PWF.PR.A CA73927C2094 Pfd2HFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Power Financial Corp. Series A
RY-J RY.PR.J CA78012Q1129 Pfd2H5YR + 2.74%$0.2000Royal Bank of Canada 3.60%, Series BD - NVCC
RY-M RY.PR.M CA78012T4708 Pfd2H5YR + 2.62%$0.1875Royal Bank of Canada 3.60%, Series BF - NVCC
BMO-Y BMO.PR.Y CA06367X2005 Pfd2H5YR + 2.71%$0.1909Bank of Montreal 3.80%, Series 33
PWF-Q PWF.PR.Q CA73927C7614 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.60%$0.1071Power Financial Corp. Series Q
GWO-O GWO.PR.O CA39138C7834 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.30%$0.0884Great-West Lifeco Inc. 2.176%, Series N
BNS-Z BNS.PR.Z CA0641496108 Pfd2H5YR + 1.34%$0.1300Bank of Nova Scotia 2.063%, Series 32BNS
BMO-Q BMO.PR.Q CA0636792032 Pfd2H5YR + 1.15%$0.1125Bank of Montreal 3.90%, Series 25
BNS-F BNS.PR.F CA0641495944 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.34%$0.0909Bank of Nova Scotia, Series 33
BMO-A BMO.PR.A CA0636793022 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.15%$0.1721Bank of Montreal, Series 26

Canadian Preferred Shares – Mission

Our mission is to provide the average investor with the knowledge, up to date information, latest trends, data and tools to select the best preferreds to purchase or sell today.

Without tools like the ones we provide here, its simply not possible to make an educated decision, thus keeping most individual investors away. Our tools provide an overall view, of the preferreds market. With a few clicks you can easily locate today’s best preferreds within a sector/category or across the whole market.

Using our homepage as a starting point you can access all of our tools.


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