List of Holding Companies with Preferred Stock

List of Holding Companies with Preferred Stock. This is a listing of all Canadian holding companies with preferred shares. All types of preferred’s are included (perpetual, fixed, floating) in one table.We present the information in an easy, to view and understand format. As a result you can pick the right share to purchase or sell.

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On May 5, 2020

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If you are looking to find out Which Holding Companies Offer Preferred Stock in the Canadian Market you are in the right place. This article provides you with a List of Holding Companies with Preferred Stock. This list is updated on a regular basis.  Consequently, new issues appear and redeemed issues are removed. All types of preferred’s are included (perpetual, fixed, floating) in one table.  We have included all insurance companies, regardless of insurance type. Companies like  Power Corp of Canada and Fortis Inc.   Information is presented in an easy, to view and understand format. As a result you can pick the right share to purchase or sell. 

Why You Should Hold Holding Company Preferreds

  1. Diversification. Provides diversification to your investment portfolio.

List of Holding Companies with Preferred Stock

If you are looking for a way to evaluate the preferreds offered by all holding companies,  go to Compare Preferred Shares Of The Canadian Holding Companies. The metrics provided in the tool make it easier to narrow your selection.

Here is the list of all the Holding Companies Preferred Shares.

Last Updated: Market Data Nov-27 16:31, Model Metrics Nov-27 17:02
SymbolCredit RatingFixed Rate BaseDividend AmountIssue Name
BPO-T BPO.PR.T CA1129007664 Pfd35YR + 3.16%$0.3360Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.60%, Series T
ENB-F ENB.PR.F CA29250N8659 Pfd3H5YR + 2.51%$0.2930Enbridge Series F, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
ENB-D ENB.PR.D CA29250N8816 Pfd3H5YR + 2.37%$0.2787Enbridge Series D, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
ENB-H ENB.PR.H CA29250N8402 Pfd3H5YR + 2.12%$0.2730Enbridge Series H, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
BPO-P BPO.PR.P CA1129008167 Pfd35YR + 3.00%$0.2600Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.161%, Series P
ENB-N ENB.PR.N CA29250N7743 Pfd3H5YR + 2.65%$0.3178Enbridge Series N, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
BPO-A BPO.PR.A CA1129006831 Pfd35YR + 3.15%$0.2943Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.75%, Series AA
ENB-P ENB.PR.P CA29250N7586 Pfd3H5YR + 2.50%$0.2730Enbridge Series P, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
ENB-J ENB.PR.J CA29250N6422 Pfd3H5YR + 2.57%$0.2781Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 7
BPO-R BPO.PR.R CA1129007821 Pfd35YR + 3.48%$0.2600Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.155%, Series R
BPO-N BPO.PR.N CA1129008324 Pfd35YR + 3.07%$0.2360Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 3.782%, Series N
ENB-T ENB.PR.T CA29250N7339 Pfd3H5YR + 2.50%$0.2546Enbridge Series R, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
ENB-Y ENB.PR.Y CA29250N6836 Pfd3H5YR + 2.38%$0.2336Enbridge Series 3, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
BPO-I BPO.PR.I CA1129005924 Pfd35YR MIN 4.85% + 3.23%$0.3030Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.85%, Series II
ENB.PF.A ENB.PF.A CA29250N6265 Pfd3H5YR + 2.66%$0.2561Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 9
BPO-E BPO.PR.E CA1129006427 Pfd35YR MIN 5.1% + 3.96%$0.3190Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 5.10%, Series EE
BPO-G BPO.PR.G CA1129006260 Pfd35YR MIN 4.85% + 3.32%$0.3030Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.85%, Series GG
ENB.PF.C ENB.PF.C CA29250N5929 Pfd3H5YR + 2.64%$0.2463Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 11
ENB-B ENB.PR.B CA29250N7099 Pfd3H5YR + 2.40%$0.2134Enbridge Series B Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
DC-B DC.PR.B CA2649017035 NR5YR + 4.10%$0.3325Dundee Corp. 5.688%, Series 2
FFH-C FFH.PR.C CA3039015084 Pfd3H5YR + 3.15%$0.2943Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 4.578%, Series C
BPO-S BPO.PR.S CA1129007748 Pfd33MTH + 3.48%$0.2246Brookfield Office Properties Inc Series S
EMA-C EMA.PR.C CA2908765076 NR5YR + 2.65%$0.2950Cumulative Emera Inc. 4.721%, Series C
FFH-K FFH.PR.K CA3039018211 Pfd3H5YR + 3.51%$0.2900Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 4.671%, Series K
FTS-G FTS.PR.G CA3495538348 Pfd3H5YR + 2.13%$0.2750Fortis Inc. 4.393%, Series G
FFH-I FFH.PR.I CA3039018476 Pfd3H5YR + 2.85%$0.2300Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 3.708%, Series I
BPO-C BPO.PR.C CA1129006674 Pfd35YR MIN 6% + 5.19%$0.3750Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 6.00%, Series CC
IFC-G IFC.PR.G CA45823T8749 Pfd25YR + 2.55%$0.3075Intact Financial Corp. 4.90%, Series 7
IFC-A IFC.PR.A CA45823T3047 Pfd25YR + 1.72%$0.2125Intact Financial Corp. 3.396%, Series 1
FTS-K FTS.PR.K CA3495537845 Pfd3H5YR + 2.05%$0.2456Fortis Inc. 4.00%, Series K
EMA-F EMA.PR.F CA2908768047 NR5YR + 2.63%$0.2626Cumulative Emera Inc. 4.25%, Series F
BPO-Y BPO.PR.Y CA1129007177 Pfd3FLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Brookfield Office Properties Inc Series Y
FFH-E FFH.PR.E CA3039018880 Pfd3H5YR + 2.16%$0.1989Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited 2.91%, Series E
BPO-X BPO.PR.X CA1129007417 Pfd3FLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Brookfield Office Properties Inc Series V
ENB.PF.E ENB.PF.E CA29250N5762 Pfd3H5YR + 2.66%$0.1902Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 13
FFH-M FFH.PR.M CA3039017973 Pfd3H5YR + 3.89%$0.3126Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 4.75%, Series M
PWF-T PWF.PR.T CA73927C7382 Pfd2H5YR + 2.37%$0.2625Power Financial Corp. 4.20%, Series T
BPO-W BPO.PR.W CA1129007334 Pfd3FLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Brookfield Office Properties Inc Series W
PWF-I PWF.PR.I CA73927C8455 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 6.00%$0.3750Power Financial Corp. 6.00%, Series I
PWF-G PWF.PR.G CA73927C8786 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.90%$0.3700Power Financial Corp. 5.90%, Series F
DC-D DC.PR.D CA2649018025 NR3MTH + 4.10%$0.2634Dundee Corp., Series 3
GWO-F GWO.PR.F CA39138C8097 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.90%$0.3700Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.90%, Series F
FFH-G FFH.PR.G CA3039018625 Pfd3H5YR + 2.56%$0.1851Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. 3.318%, Series G
ENB.PF.G ENB.PF.G CA29250N5507 Pfd3H5YR + 2.68%$0.1864Enbridge Inc. 4.40%, Series 15
PWF-O PWF.PR.O CA73927C7879 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.3625Power Financial Corp. 5.80%, Series O
GWO-M GWO.PR.M CA39138C8170 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.3625Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.80%, Series M
POW-C POW.PR.C CA7392398797 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.3625Power Corp of Canada 5.80%, Series C
PWF-H PWF.PR.H CA73927C8604 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.75%$0.3600Power Financial Corp. 5.75%, Series H
WN-A WN.PR.A CA9611488896 Pfd3PERPETUAL @ 5.80%$0.36George Weston Ltd. 5.80%, Series I
BPS-A BPS.PR.A CA1128273085 Pfd3STRUCTURED$0.3600Brookfield Office Properties Inc. , Series 2
GWO-L GWO.PR.L CA39138C8253 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.65%$0.3525Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.65%, Series L
POW-A POW.PR.A CA7392398870 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.60%$0.3500Power Corp of Canada 5.60%, Series A
ENB-A ENB.PR.A CA29250N2041 Pfd3HPERPETUAL @ 5.50%$0.3438Enbridge Perpetual 5.50% Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares, Series A
POW-G POW.PR.G CA7392398532 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.60%$0.3500Power Corp of Canada 5.60%, Series G
ELF-H ELF.PR.H CA26857Q5077 NRPERPETUAL @ 5.52%$0.3450E-L Financial Corp. 5.50%, Series 3
PWF-R PWF.PR.R CA73927C7531 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.50%$0.3450Power Financial Corp. 5.50%, Series R
FFH-D FFH.PR.D CA3039016074 Pfd3H3MTH + 3.15%$0.2040Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., Series D
ENB.PF.K ENB.PF.K CA29250N5192 Pfd3H5YR MIN 4.9% + 3.17%$0.3063Enbridge Inc. 4.90%, Series 19
PWF-E PWF.PR.E CA73927C8034 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.50%$0.3450Power Financial Corp. 5.50%, Series D
ENB-C ENB.PR.C CA29250N8089 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.40%$0.1571Enbridge Series C Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
ELF-F ELF.PR.F CA26857Q3098 NRPERPETUAL @ 5.32%$0.3325E-L Financial Corp. 5.30%, Series 1
FTS-M FTS.PR.M CA3495537688 Pfd3H5YR + 2.48%$0.2466Fortis Inc. 4.10%, Series M
GWO-P GWO.PR.P CA39138C7750 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.40%$0.3375Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.40%, Series P
POW-B POW.PR.B CA7392398045 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.35%$0.3350Power Corp of Canada 5.35%, Series B
FFH-J FFH.PR.J CA3039018393 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.85%$0.1853Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., Series J
ENB.PF.I ENB.PF.I CA29250N5358 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.15% + 4.14%$0.3200Enbridge Series 17, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
GWO-N GWO.PR.N CA39138C7917 Pfd2H5YR + 1.30%$0.1350Great-West Lifeco Inc. 2.176%, Series N
FFH-H FFH.PR.H CA3039018542 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.56%$0.1671Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., Series H
GWO-S GWO.PR.S CA39138C7347 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3275Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.25%, Series S
IFC-I IFC.PR.I CA45823T8582 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.40%$0.3375Non-Cumulative Class A Shares, Series 9
PWF-F PWF.PR.F CA73927C8869 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.25%$0.3275Power Financial Corp. 5.25%, Series E
W-K W.PR.K CA95751D8474 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.25% + 4.26%$0.3275Westcoast Energy Inc. 5.25%, Series 10
IFC-F IFC.PR.F CA45823T8822 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.30%$0.3325Intact Financial Corp. 5.30%, Series 6
WN-C WN.PR.C CA9611488631 Pfd3PERPETUAL @ 5.20%$0.33George Weston Ltd. 5.20%, Series III
WN-D WN.PR.D CA9611488557 Pfd3PERPETUAL @ 5.20%$0.33George Weston Ltd. 5.20%, Series IV
GWO-G GWO.PR.G CA39138C8824 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.20%$0.3250Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.20%, Series G
W-M W.PR.M CA95751D1289 Pfd3H5YR MIN 5.20% + 4.52%$0.3250Westcoast Energy Inc. 5.20%, Series 12
BPS-C BPS.PR.C CA1128275064 Pfd3STRUCTURED$0.3250Brookfield Office Properties Inc. , Series 4
ELF-G ELF.PR.G CA26857Q4088 NRPERPETUAL @ 4.76%$0.2975E-L Financial Corp. 4.75%, Series 2
GWO-Q GWO.PR.Q CA39138C7677 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3225Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.15%, Series Q
PWF-L PWF.PR.L CA73927C8299 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.10%$0.3200Power Financial Corp. 5.10%, Series L
GWO-T GWO.PR.T CA39138C7263 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3225Great-West Lifeco Inc. 5.15%, Series T
PWF-Z PWF.PR.Z CA73927C7127 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3225Power Financial Corp. 5.15%, Series V
IFC-E IFC.PR.E CA45823T8095 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.20%$0.3250Intact Financial Corp. 5.20%, Series 5
PWF-K PWF.PR.K CA73927C8372 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.95%$0.3100Power Financial Corp. 4.95%, Series K
POW-D POW.PR.D CA7392398615 Pfd2PERPETUAL @ 5.00%$0.3125Power Corp of Canada 5.00%, Series D
PWF-P PWF.PR.P CA73927C7796 Pfd2H5YR + 1.60%$0.1450Power Financial Corp. 2.306%, Series P
BPS-B BPS.PR.B CA1128274075 Pfd3STRUCTURED$0.3125Brookfield Office Properties Inc. , Series 3
WN-E WN.PR.E CA9611488482 Pfd3PERPETUAL @ 4.75%$0.30George Weston Ltd. 4.75%, Series v
FTS-J FTS.PR.J CA3495537928 Pfd3HPERPETUAL @ 4.75%$0.2975Fortis Inc. 4.75%, Series J
PWF-S PWF.PR.S CA73927C7465 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.80%$0.3000Power Financial Corp. 4.80%, Series S
FTS-F FTS.PR.F CA3495538678 Pfd3HPERPETUAL @ 4.90%$0.3075Fortis Inc. 4.90%, Series F
GWO-H GWO.PR.H CA39138C8741 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.85%$0.3025Great-West Lifeco Inc. 4.85%, Series H
EMA-H EMA.PR.H CA2908768617 NR5YR MIN 4.9% + 2.54%$0.3075Cumulative Emera Inc. Min 4.90%, Series H
GWO-R GWO.PR.R CA39138C7594 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 5.15%$0.3000Great-West Lifeco Inc. 4.80%, Series R
EMA-E EMA.PR.E CA2908767056 NRPERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Cumulative Emera Inc. 4.50%, Series E
EMA-A EMA.PR.A CA2908763097 NR5YR + 1.84%$0.1364Cumulative Emera Inc. 2.555%, Series A
GWO-I GWO.PR.I CA39138C8667 Pfd2HPERPETUAL @ 4.50%$0.2825Great-West Lifeco Inc. 4.50%, Series I
FFH-F FFH.PR.F CA3039018708 Pfd3H3MTH + 2.16%$0.1421Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd., Series F
IFC-C IFC.PR.C CA45823T6016 Pfd25YR + 2.66%$0.2075Intact Financial Corp. 3.332%, Series 3
PWF-A PWF.PR.A CA73927C2094 Pfd2HFLOATING(70% OF PRIME RATE)$0.1072Power Financial Corp. Series A
FTS-H FTS.PR.H CA3495538264 Pfd3H5YR + 1.45%$0.1147Fortis Inc. 2.50%, Series H
EMA-B EMA.PR.B CA2908764087 NR3 MTH + 1.84%$0.1221Cumulative Floating Rate First Preferred Shares, Series B
IFC-D IFC.PR.D CA45823T5026 Pfd23MTH + 2.66%$0.1734Intact Financial Corp., Series 4
PWF-Q PWF.PR.Q CA73927C7614 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.60%$0.1071Power Financial Corp. Series Q
FTS-I FTS.PR.I CA3495538181 Pfd3H3MTH + 1.45%$0.09783M GoC T-Bill Yld +1.45%
GWO-O GWO.PR.O CA39138C7834 Pfd2H3MTH + 1.30%$0.0884Great-West Lifeco Inc. 2.176%, Series N

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