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Rank TDb Split Corp Preferreds

This compare tool allows you to Rank TDb Split Corp Preferreds, based on the latest stock information available. Our goal is to provide you with the information and metrics related to the TDb Split Corp preferreds. Your goal is to establish which preferred will provide you the best returns. If you are buying today, these tools will expedite and aid the selection process. Given all the data available here, an informed decision is within reach.

In a market with low volumes you can use this information to identify mispriced shares. Since all preferreds belong to the same issuer, the risk is the same for all of them.

TDb Split Corp Brief Overview

Visit the TDb Split Corp company website to see the preferred share prospectus, news and other information.

Sector: Split Share
Main Features of this Spit Share Instrument:

  1. TDb Split Corp. is a corporation investing in common shares of TD Bank, a leading Canadian Financial Institution with a strong domestic presence, strong financial fundamentals and a diversified earnings base. The fund offers two types of shares, a Class A (XTD) and a Preferred (XTD.PR.A) both with the objective to pay regular monthly cash dividend
NOTE: THIS IS A SPLIT SHARE INSTRUMENT BY "Quadravest Capital Management Inc."

TDb Split Corp offers two type of shares,

  1. Class A Shares: (i) to provide holders of Class A Shares with regular monthly cash dividends in the amount of $0.05 per Class A share if and when the net asset value per Unit exceeds $12.50; and (ii) to permit such holders to participate in all growth in the net asset value of the Company above $10.00 per Unit
  2. Preferred Shares:. (i) to provide holders of Priority Equity Shares with cumulative preferential monthly cash dividends in the amount of $0.04375 per share to yield 5.25% annually; and (ii) on or about the termination date of December 1, 2024 (subject to further 5 year extensions thereafter), to pay an amount of $10.00 per Priority Equity share

The latest information and statistics on their common stock XTD, can be easily accessed using websites like TMX Money.

Dividend Payment Schedule: 2023FEB08 , 2023MAY10 , 2023AUG10 , 2023NOV10

Ex Dividend Date Schedule: 2023JAN30 , 2023APR29 , 2023JUL30 , 2023OCT29


TDb Split Corp Preferred share Credit Ratings

The latest preferred share credit ratings for TDb Split Corp are listed in the table below. For additional information on credit rating agencies and codes see our article Credit Rating Symbols.

A.M. Best FITCH S&P DBRS S&P Global Moody's


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Last Updated: Market Data 2023-Jun-05 16:30, Model Metrics 2023-Jun-05 17:19
SymbolPrice52W High52W Low
Fixed Rate Baseyield and dividend for the current issue based on last night’s closing stock price
Current (Yield Dividend)Name
XTD-A XTD.PR.A CA87234Y1007 $9.60$10.31$9.20SPLIT SHARE + 5.47%05.47% $0.5250TDb_Split_Corp_5.25%
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