Quick Overview of New Portfolio Feature

Quick Overview of New Portfolio Feature. We’ve been working on a new feature to help you gain insight to your own Portfolio through the use of Data Analytics.

Written By Canadian Preferreds

On July 12, 2020

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Take a few minutes to watch the video below.  It will give you Quick Overview of New Portfolio Feature.  

Quick Overview of New Portfolio Feature - https://canadianpreferredshares.ca/

Quick Overview of New Portfolio Feature

Video transcript:

This is a brief overview of the Portfolio feature to highlight why you may want to use it.
Let’s log in to our sample account “Geremy”.
From the menu, select “Geremy’s Portflio”.
Here, you can see Geremy has setup 7 accounts: 3 investment; 3 Registered; and one TFSA.
Let’s have a Quick view of account “Minnie Qtrade2” investment.
As you can see, the Minnie account has 14 holdings. Click “list accounts” to go back.
Let’s review how you can gain insights to the account holdings. Click on the “Data Analysis” button.
Click on Summary to position the summary at the top of the page.
The Account Summary shows the Market Value, Original Cost & Gain/Loss.
This is Account holdings grouped by Issuer.
This is the Account Holding by Credit Rating.
Similarly you can view the data By Share Type, and By Sector.
The Dividend Information will show you the Yearly Dividend, Total Shares, and Total Dividend at the account level.
This analysis is only for the Minnie Investment account. But what about all investment accounts as a whole?
Click on quick links to view the links summary in the footer.
Here, click the link “ investment group level”.
And now click on “summary”.
.Notice the value of the investment group is $538,000 while the value of the Minnie account was…… Let’s go back and look.
Click “quick links” -> “account level” from footer, then “data analysis” on Minnie’s row “summary”.
We can see that the market value on Minnie’s account is $331,000.
Click on “dividend Information”.
Note the Total Yearly Dividend on Minnie’s account is about $24,000.
Click “investment group level” from footer.
We are now back to the group level summary for Investment type account.
As you can see, the Market Value for the group of Investment type accounts is $538,000 , of which $331,000 is from Minnie’s investment account.
Click “dividend information”. The total dividends for the group of investment type accounts is $37,000, of which $24,000 is from Minnie’s investment account.
Now, let’s look at the information at the top level.
Click “quick links” -> “portfolio level” from footer -> and then“summary”.
Portfolio market value is $1.22 Million. This is a summary of all of the holdings across all the accounts.
How about the dividends? Click on “dividend info”.
We see that the total dividends for this portfolio is $80,000, of which $37,000 is from the investment group of accounts.
I hope this has given you a rough idea of the data analytics you can expect to get from this new feature.
A longer and more in depth video will be available once all the ”Portfolio” features have been completed.