Preferred Shares By Sector Report

Preferred Shares By Sector Report. This Report will compare the current, reset and average yields of the issues within an industry sector or category. Looking at the average current yield of securities within sector or category as a metric, provides another prospective to the stock market's ranking of the preferreds.

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On June 28, 2020

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Preferred Shares By Sector Report will explore the Canadian Preferred Share market by looking at issuer companies by sector and or category. The idea here to see if we can use the ranking by sector as another metric to help us identify mispriced stocks. Preferreds can be mispriced in relation to similar issues within the same sectors and categories as well as in relation to similar preferreds of other issuers.

We already provide a lot of compare tables on individual preferreds grouped by various categories and features. This one will examine the data at a higher level, a level up from the individual preferred share. I hope some of you will find this usefull and figure out a way to incorporate this information in your trading.


Preferred Shares By Sector Report Metrics

I have included 3 metrics per issuer. You can use one or more depending on your investment style.

For each one of the sector we track we review all securities belonging to that sector and provide the following statistics for each of “current yield”, “reset yield” and rate increase categories

  • A count of the number of preferreds within the sector.
  • Average Yield the preffereds offer in the sector.
  • Identify the securities providing the maximum and minimum yield

The average yield of all securities within the same sector. It is calculated by adding up the current yields of all preferreds and dividing the total by the number of preferreds. For reference i have also included the current Highest and Lowest yields offered and the securities offering these yields.

The second metric is the reset yield of the sector. Again this is the average reset yield by all preferreds belonging to the specific sector. Remember the reset yield is based on today’s 5 year GOC rate. It is calculated by adding up the reset yields of all preferreds and dividing the total by the number of preferreds. For reference i have also included the reset Highest and Lowest reset yields offered.

Rate Increase percent is the last one. Again this is the average rate increase by all preferreds issued by all issuers within the sector. It is calculated by adding up the rate increase  percent of all preferreds and dividing the total by the number of preferreds. For reference i have also included the Highest and Lowest rate increases.

For a more detailed explanation on the meaning and use of the metrics current yield, reset yield and percent increase see Ranking Table Column Information page.



Preferred Shares Issuer Report Metrics Table

The table depicting the metrics is dynamic and these values will be updated daily, reflecting the latest values of all factors included included in the calculations.

The timestamp at the top of the table indicates when the data was generated last.

Last Updated: Market Data 2024-Feb-16 19:03, Model Metrics 2024-Feb-20 18:11
Statistics By Sector
CurrentResetRate ChangeMarket Cap
SectorCountAverage YieldMaximumMinimumCountAverage YieldMaximumMinimumCountAverage PercentMaximumMinimumAt Market ValueAt Face Value
Banks455.55%12.20% -> FN-B3.85% -> BMO-Y387.56%11.82% -> FN-A6.12% -> BNS-I4516.53%105.0% -> FN-A-1.000% -> NA-C11,305,186,09612,954,922,340
Insurance746.47%10.60% -> FFH-J2.97% -> SLF-G228.01%9.43% -> FFH-I6.54% -> MFC-K7428.59%93.00% -> PWF-A-2.000% -> LFE-B10,853,555,35213,790,467,565
Utilities616.72%10.98% -> TA-E3.28% -> FTS-H378.68%13.30% -> INE-A6.84% -> FTS-G6133.26%106.0% -> INE-A-1.000% -> ENS-A7,861,803,83710,144,783,175
Green Energy167.08%10.94% -> BRF-B4.78% -> BRF-A109.47%13.30% -> INE-A7.57% -> AQN-A1639.81%106.0% -> INE-A4.00% -> BEP-O1,658,396,8492,213,033,025
Independent Power Producers267.19%10.98% -> TA-E4.68% -> CPX-A189.18%13.30% -> INE-A7.57% -> AQN-A2637.19%106.0% -> INE-A0.00% -> CPX-K2,896,973,8743,803,033,025
Real Estate1910.24%13.86% -> BPO-X4.95% -> BPS-B1114.24%17.56% -> BPO-R10.54% -> AX-E1987.31%176.0% -> BPO-X-1.000% -> BPS-C1,957,845,9243,595,232,525
Asset Managment216.99%10.51% -> BN-K4.78% -> BN.PF.G138.46%9.99% -> BN-R3.67% -> BN.PF.L2151.52%110.0% -> BN-K13.00% -> BN.PF.H3,285,492,5544,687,925,627
Communication Services207.80%10.27% -> BCE-N4.71% -> BCE-R114.99%9.30% -> BCE-M3.67% -> BCE-C2042.70%65.00% -> BCE-K12.00% -> BCE-Q2,673,468,9153,865,643,363
Consumer Defensive77.15%11.09% -> DC-D6.02% -> L-B110.42%10.42% -> DC-B10.42% -> DC-B723.14%34.00% -> WN-E12.00% -> WN-A941,198,7631,139,177,100
Pipelines396.88%11.23% -> TRP-H3.53% -> TRP-B338.70%10.68% -> TRP-C7.49% -> PPL-A3937.82%108.0% -> TRP-B7.00% -> PPL-S8,622,307,01811,731,745,300

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