How to Set Up Your Portfolio

How to Set Up Your Portfolio. A step by step guide in setting up your portfolio. Includes adding a new account, and adding holdings within each account.

Written By Canadian Preferreds

On July 13, 2020

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Take a few minutes to watch the video below.  It will give you Quick Overview on How to Set Up Your Portfolio.

How to Set Up Your Portfolio -

How to Set Up Your Portfolio

Video transcript:

HELLO! Thank you for choosing to set up a preferreds portfolio with us.
This is short instructional video on how to setup your portfolio with our Website.
For this demonstration I am using the premium website.

First, you must setup an account with us. Go to the website and click on the Login menu Item located at the top right of your screen.
You now see the login screen.
If you already have an account setup, enter your username or email and login to the system.
If you have registered but haven’t received a confirmation yet, you need to wait for the confirmation before proceeding.
If you do not have an account, click on the register button. Do not try to register a 2nd time.
You are now at the registration page. Please fill in all fields marked with a star.
Make sure you use a password at least 8 characters long, and contains at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter, and a number.
Once all required fields are filled in click the Register button. Now you see our review notification. Once we review and approve the request, we will email you letting you know that your account has been setup. We will reply to all within 12 hours of a request.
Our ID has now been approved.
Enter user name and password and click on the Login button.
Once logged in, the dashboard is the 1st page you are presented with.
Notice now, on the top right of your screen you see a menu item with your user name.

Hover the mouse pointer over your name in the menu to see your options. (Your portfolio, or Logout)
Click on portfolio menu item.
You are now presented with an empty portfolio dashboard.
The top row shows the 4 segments of your portfolio.
Click on portfolio-level analysis. Since this is a brand new account, metrics and reports are not yet available. Those are created offline once a day after the market close, so they can reflect the closing prices.
The footer contains Quick links, so to get back to the portfolio, click on the “Portfolio / Account List” link.
On the left you see a tree depicting the current location within the portfolio structure. Right now you are at the top level (Portfolio level).
To start adding to your portfolio click the “Add New Account” button.

The arrow on the left has now moved down one level indicating you are adding / editing the account.
Enter a unique name for your account: “Micky TD Joint”. Use Tab to move to the next input field.
Tab to the next field and type I. This will select the investment type. See all the options from the dropdown list. Make sure to use the right account types. The system is smart enough to know the differences between account types.
Add a description: “My first Account”.
At this point you can cancel by clicking “List Accounts”, or proceed with adding the account by clicking the “Add new Account button”.
Click the Add button.

Notice the following:

  • You are now up a level to the View all Accounts as shown in the left;
  • A Confirmation message is now under the title just above the table of accounts;
  • You now have a list of accounts for this portfolio;
  • The amounts are zero since you have no holdings. Most of these amounts are calculated once a day.
  • “Data Analysis” takes you to the account level reports.
  • “Holdings” lists the holdings for this account.
  • “Edit” allow you to change the account type and description.
  • “Delete” deletes the account and all of its holdings.

Lets quickly go through each option.
Click ‘Data analysis’. Again here you see that there no reports created for this account yet.
Go back by clicking “Portfolio /  Account List”.
Edit the account by clicking the pencil icon.
Change type from investment to TFSA.
Update the description (add ‘ever’ at the end).
Click ‘Update Account’.
See the updates to the account.
Click the delete button.
Answer ‘cancel’ to the question (we don’t really want to delete).

Now let’s add some holdings to the account.
You have now moved down to level 3 as shown on the left.
Click “add new holding”.
You are now at the bottom of the hierarchy.
Now let’s add some Innergex shares.
On the select input box type INE-A. See how the system locates the ticker.
Add 1500 units at $13/share.
Click the “add New holding” button.
See the action message that has shown up under the title.
In the navigation pane, see how arrow moved up one position, but still at the same level.
Notice the options that we have here.
The account information is included, so you know what account you are working with.
You can “add a new holding” or return to the top by clicking on “List Accounts”.
You now have a table with all your holdings and the option to edit or delete the holding.
You will always have a footer with quick links on every page.
Let’s add another holding – Click “add new holding”.
Notice now on the left we have a new table with a listing of existing holdings. This is there to ensure you don’t try to add the same holding again.
Let’s add some BMO shares. Type BMO on the select box and use the up/down arrow to scroll, until you see BMO-S.
Let’s add 2000 units at $19/share.
Now let’s add a few more units to Innergex – click the ‘Edit’ icon.
Update the units to 3000 and average price to 12.5 and update.
Watch me add a couple more accounts with holdings.
Because this account was just created, the data analytics will not be available until tomorrow. These are the messages you will see in this case.

If you’d like to see an account with existing analytics, please view our video in this series called “Quick Overview of New Portfolio Feature”.