Compare Preferred Shares With Credit Rating Pfd-3

Use this tool to Compare Preferred Shares With Credit Rating Pfd-3. The tool allows you to compare all preferred shares from issuers with credit rating of Pfd-3. The set includes all perpetual and resets from all sectors. The only filter here is the credit rating of the issuer. Most importantly all the legwork is done. In other words, we have collected, processed and categorized the data. Subsequently all the relevant data you need to make your decision is available to you.


Ratings of Pfd-3, Pfd-3High and Pfd-3Low from the credit rating agencies are used to indicate a rating of Medium credit quality while protection of dividends and principal is still considered. Comes with moderate credit risk. There may be speculative characteristics. Not an investment grade issue. Pfd-3 represents the middle range of credit rating in this category.


Compare Preferred Shares With Credit Rating Pfd-3 process

The companies you see here include large Telecommunications (BCE) , smaller banks (CWB , LB ), pipelines like PPL and issuers from various sectors. Any issues here are relatively good investments for investors seeking stability and low risk while at the same time receiving a higher dividend than the PFD-2* rated issuers. However the credit risk is higher.


The information is in an easy to understand format. Thus helping you pick the right share to purchase or sell.  All metrics on the table can be sorted to present a view of the data you prefer to work with. Using this information you can apply your particular style of investing to select the issue that is right for your needs.

    If you need more information on how to use the metrics below, see our how to YouTube video  or our post how to pick the best preferred share of a company.

    Shares With Credit Rating Pfd-3

    The following metrics are now only available on the premium version of this tool:

    1. Reset Date.
    2. Reset (Yield | Dividend).
    3. Blended (Yield | Dividend). A (What If) scenario. It represents the blended yield and dividend for the current issue. It should only be used as a reference. It is not meant to show actual returns for Yield/Dividend. This metric has merit only when applied across all issues being considered.
    4. Rate Change Percent.
    5. Rate Change To Value.
    6. New Spread Change.
    7. New Spread Value. This reflects the effect or the current price on the issue spread of the preferred. It shows the effective new spread of the share due to its drop or rise of its share value
    8. Short Position.
    9. Additional Features.
    10. Years To Double Initial Investment.
    11. Outstanding float. This is the outstanding float for this preferred.
    12. Market Cap In Bilions.
    13. Common Stock P/E Ratio.
    14. Common Stock P/B Ratio.
    15. Common Stock Yield. Current yield of the common. Should be considered if preferred yield is lower.
    Last Updated: Market Data Dec-05 17:52, Model Metrics Dec-05 20:29
    SymbolPrice52W High52W Low
    Fixed Rate Baseyield and dividend for the current issue based on last night’s closing stock price
    Current (Yield Dividend)Name
    WN-C WN.PR.C CA9611488631 $20.13$25.68$19.24PERPETUAL @ 5.20%06.46% $1.3000George_Weston_Ltd._5.20%,_Series_III
    WN-D WN.PR.D CA9611488557 $20.13$25.58$19.39PERPETUAL @ 5.20%06.46% $1.3000George_Weston_Ltd._5.20%,_Series_IV
    WN-A WN.PR.A CA9611488896 $23.16$26.30$22.27PERPETUAL @ 5.80%06.26% $1.4500George_Weston_Ltd._5.80%,_Series_I
    WN-E WN.PR.E CA9611488482 $19.50$25.28$17.75PERPETUAL @ 4.75%06.10% $1.1900George_Weston_Ltd._4.75%,_Series_v
    L-B L.PR.B CA5394817053 $22.01$26.18$20.91PERPETUAL @ 5.30%06.04% $1.3300Loblaw_Companies_Ltd._5.30%,_Series_B
    BPO-A BPO.PR.A CA1129006831 $14.70$21.64$14.655YR + 3.15%08.01% $1.1773Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.75%,_Series_AA
    BPO-T BPO.PR.T CA1129007664 $17.01$22.39$16.615YR + 3.16%07.90% $1.3440Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.60%,_Series_T
    BPO-P BPO.PR.P CA1129008167 $13.80$21.01$13.545YR + 3.00%08.22% $1.1340Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.161%,_Series_P
    BPO-N BPO.PR.N CA1129008324 $13.44$20.38$13.315YR + 3.07%07.45% $1.0018Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._3.782%,_Series_N
    BPO-R BPO.PR.R CA1129007821 $14.41$21.79$14.105YR + 3.48%07.46% $1.0750Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.155%,_Series_R
    FN-A FN.PR.A CA33564P2026 $11.03$14.75$10.665YR + 2.07%06.56% $0.723750First_National_Financial_Corp._2.79%,_Series_1
    BPO-G BPO.PR.G CA1129006260 $20.68$24.77$19.815YR + 3.74% Min_4.85%07.91% $1.6365Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.85%,_Series_GG
    PPL-E PPL.PR.E CA7063271117 $17.78$24.36$13.025YR + 3.00%06.41% $1.1400Pembina_Pipeline_Corp_5.0%__PREF_SER_5
    PPL-A PPL.PR.A CA7063272024 $17.17$23.09$16.605YR + 2.47%07.14% $1.2265Pembina_Pipeline_Corp_4.25%_PREF_SER_1
    PPL-Q PPL.PR.Q CA7063278146 $18.10$24.50$17.715YR + 3.01%06.66% $1.2053Pembina_Pipeline_Corp._4.821%,_Series_17
    BPO-I BPO.PR.I CA1129005924 $19.80$23.80$19.275YR + 3.23% Min_4.85%06.12% $1.2120Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._4.85%,_Series_II
    BPO-E BPO.PR.E CA1129006427 $18.00$24.79$17.175YR + 3.96% Min_5.1%07.63% $1.3740Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._5.10%,_Series_EE
    PPL-C PPL.PR.C CA7063274004 $17.25$22.36$16.555YR + 2.60%06.48% $1.1175Pembina_Pipeline_Corp_4.7%__PREF_SER_3
    LB-H LB.PR.H CA51925D8254 $16.39$23.67$15.525YR + 2.55%06.29% $1.0308Preferred_Shares_Series_13
    PPL-G PPL.PR.G CA7063276082 $17.40$23.79$16.955YR + 2.94%06.29% $1.0950Pembina_Pipeline_Corp_4.5%__PREF_SER_7
    CWB-B CWB.PR.B CA1367655000 $17.91$25.29$17.505YR + 2.76%05.99% $1.0720Canadian_Western_Bank_4.40%.,_Series_5_-_NVCC
    PPL-O PPL.PR.O CA7063278302 $20.65$23.72$19.755YR + 2.92%07.46% $1.541000Pembina_Pipeline_Corp._4.464%,_Series_15
    BPO-C BPO.PR.C CA1129006674 $23.20$27.00$21.425YR + 5.18% Min_6%06.59% $1.5293Brookfield_Office_Properties_Inc._6.00%,_Series_CC
    CVE-C CVE.PR.C CA4480554001 $19.45$24.15$19.105YR + 3.13%06.03% $1.1725Cenovus_Energy_Inc._4.50%,_Series_3
    BCE-A BCE.PR.A CA05534B7943 $17.04$21.82$16.63NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 2.45%07.25% $1.2350BCE_Inc._3.61%,_Series_AA__
    BCE-Q BCE.PR.Q CA05534B5962 $19.69$25.00$19.155YR + 2.64%06.09% $1.2000BCE_Inc._4.81%,_Series_AQ
    PPL-I PPL.PR.I CA7063278062 $19.26$25.29$18.315YR + 3.91%05.58% $1.0755Pembina_Pipeline_Corp_4.75%__PREF_SER_9
    CWB-D CWB.PR.D CA1367658806 $24.90$27.05$24.015YR + 4.04%06.02% $1.5000Non-Cumulative_5-Year_Rate_Reset_First_Preferred_Shares_Series_9
    PPL.PF.E PPL.PF.E CA7063277239 $24.19$26.05$23.095YR + 3.51% Min_5.2%05.37% $1.3000PPL_Series_25_Shares,_KML_Series_25_min_5.2
    PPL.PF.A PPL.PF.A CA7063277643 $23.58$25.87$21.725YR + 3.26% Min_4.9%05.20% $1.2250Class_A_Preferred_Shares,_Series_21
    PPL-S PPL.PR.S CA7063277809 $22.42$25.84$20.695YR + 4.27%05.22% $1.1710Pembina_Pipeline_Corp._5.00%,_Series_19
    BCE-T BCE.PR.T CA05534B8107 $17.18$25.27$16.66NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 2.45%07.26% $1.2475BCE_Inc._3.019%,_Series_T_
    CVE-E CVE.PR.E CA4480556089 $21.64$24.97$20.055YR + 3.57%05.30% $1.1478Cenovus_Energy_Inc._4.50%,_Series_5
    CVE-G CVE.PR.G CA4480558069 $19.94$23.50$18.875YR + 3.52%04.93% $0.9838Cenovus_Energy_Inc._4.60%,_Series_7
    BCE-M BCE.PR.M CA05534B6465 $14.66$20.84$13.765YR + 2.09%05.01% $0.7348BCE_Inc._2.764%,_Series_AM_ (formerly_BAF.PR.A)
    BCE-K BCE.PR.K CA05534B6796 $14.48$20.28$13.395YR + 1.88%05.71% $0.8265BCE_Inc._2.954%,_Series_AK
    CVE-A CVE.PR.A CA4480552021 $14.97$20.63$13.305YR + 1.73%04.30% $0.6443CENOVUS_ENERGY_INC_FIRST_PREF_S_
    BCE-I BCE.PR.I CA05534B7117 $14.96$21.53$14.15NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 2.45%05.67% $0.8475BCE_Inc._Series_AI._ (formerly_Bell_Canada_-_Series_19)__
    BCE-G BCE.PR.G CA05534B7372 $15.03$21.95$14.08NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 2.45%05.61% $0.8425BCE_Inc._Series_AG._ (formerly_Bell_Canada_-_Series_17)_
    BCE-F BCE.PR.F CA05534B7455 $16.05$21.83$14.97NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 2.45%06.02% $0.9663BCE_Inc._3.11%_,_Series_AF_
    BCE-R BCE.PR.R CA05534B7034 $14.83$20.96$13.51NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 2.45%05.09% $0.7545BCE_Inc._4.13%,_Series_R_
    BCE-C BCE.PR.C CA05534B7869 $18.46$22.24$17.28NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 2.45%05.93% $1.0950BCE_Inc._4.38%,_Series_AC_
    BCE-Z BCE.PR.Z CA05534B8289 $18.65$22.35$17.60NEGATIVE_SPREAD(>=80% OF 5YR RATE <=100%) at least 2.45%05.23% $0.9760BCE_Inc._3.904%,_Series_Z_

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    Last Updated: Market Data Dec-05 17:52, Model Metrics Dec-05 20:29
    SymbolPrice52W High52W Low
    Fixed Rate Baseyield and dividend for the current issue based on last night’s closing stock price
    Current (Yield Dividend)
    Reset (Yield Dividend)yield and dividend for the current issue after the upcoming reset
    Blended (Yield Dividend)follow link passed the end of the table to see definition
    Yield To CallReset Date Y/M/DRate Change percentRate Change to valueNew Spread valueShort PositionAdditional FeaturesYears To Double Initial InvestmentP/E RatioMarket Cap In BillionsP/B RatioCommon Stock YieldProjected Common Stock YieldOutstanding FloatName