The 10 Highest Yielding Preferred Stocks Today

The 10 Highest Yielding Preferred Stocks Today. These Canadian Preferred Shares offer the highest yields today. Each day we provide the updated list for you. You can pick them based on the current yield, reset yield or blended yield.

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On November 28, 2019

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Looking for the The 10 Highest Yielding Preferred Stocks Today but not finding any consistent information? Your search is over. To clarify, our website provides daily updates to all preferred’s, therefore at any time, you can see Today’s Top 10 Selection by “Current Yield” in the Table  below. However, to see how all preferreds have been ranked based on their yield go to Ranking All Preferreds. The top 10 is just a subset of this dataset.


The 10 Highest Yielding Preferred Stocks Today

Here is the list of the Top 10 Highest Yielding Preferred Stocks In the Canadian Market Today.  We have done all the legwork, therefore saving you time and making the selection process faster. Consequently the only task left for you is picking the right preferred.  Each day we update the data model with the latest information for each preferred. As a result, this table is always reflecting today’s highest yielding preferred.

For you, selecting the highest yielding preferred does not get easier. As with all of the tools, we provide in this site, the definition of the metrics “Table columns” is presented in a separate article Ranking Table Column Information.

Last Updated: Market Data Sep-29 16:46, Model Metrics Sep-29 17:05
Credit RatingSymbolPrice
Fixed Rate Baseyield and dividend for the current issue based on last night’s closing stock price
Current (Yield | Dividend)
Reset (Yield | Dividend)yield and dividend for the current issue after the upcoming reset
Blended (Yield | Dividend)follow link passed the end of the table to see definition
Reset Date Y/M/DRate Increase (percent | to value )New Spread (%Increase | value)Outstanding FloatName
Pfd2LHSE-E HSE.PR.E CA4480556089 $11.625YR + 3.57%09.88% | $1.147808.42% | $0.9809.66% | $1.122025MAR31115% | 8.41%053% | 5.48%8,000,000Husky Energy Inc. 4.50%, Series 5
Pfd3BPO-P BPO.PR.P CA1129008167 $10.555YR + 3.00%09.86% | $1.040007.92% | $0.8408.43% | $0.892022MAR31137% | 7.91%057% | 4.73%12,000,000Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.161%, Series P
Pfd3BPO-A BPO.PR.A CA1129006831 $12.505YR + 3.15%09.42% | $1.177306.99% | $0.8708.92% | $1.112024DEC31100% | 6.98%050% | 4.72%12,000,000Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.75%, Series AA
Pfd3BPO-R BPO.PR.R CA1129007821 $11.405YR + 3.48%09.12% | $1.040008.38% | $0.9608.52% | $0.972021SEP30119% | 8.38%054% | 5.37%8,883,425Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 4.155%, Series R
Pfd3BPO-N BPO.PR.N CA1129008324 $10.415YR + 3.07%09.07% | $0.944008.20% | $0.8508.25% | $0.852021JUN30140% | 8.19%058% | 4.86%11,000,000Brookfield Office Properties Inc. 3.782%, Series N
Pfd3HENB-H ENB.PR.H CA29250N8402 $12.065YR + 2.12%09.05% | $1.092005.11% | $0.6207.29% | $0.872023SEP01107% | 5.10%051% | 3.21%14,000,000Enbridge Series H, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
Pfd3HENB-D ENB.PR.D CA29250N8816 $12.415YR + 2.37%08.98% | $1.114805.47% | $0.6807.05% | $0.872023MAR01101% | 5.46%050% | 3.56%18,000,000Enbridge Series D, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
Pfd3HENB-F ENB.PR.F CA29250N8659 $13.205YR + 2.51%08.88% | $1.172005.40% | $0.7107.12% | $0.942023JUN01089% | 5.40%047% | 3.69%20,000,000Enbridge Series F, Cumulative Redeemable Preference Shares
Pfd3LCPX-C CPX.PR.C CA14042M5081 $15.385YR + 3.23%08.84% | $1.360005.81% | $0.8907.62% | $1.172023DEC31062% | 5.80%038% | 4.47%6,000,000Capital Power Corp. 5.453%, Series 3
Pfd3LTA-H TA.PR.H CA89346D7273 $14.705YR + 3.65%08.84% | $1.300006.79% | $1.0007.51% | $1.102022SEP30070% | 6.79%041% | 5.15%9,000,000TransAlta Corp. 5.194%, Series E

When picking the highest yielding stocks you have a few choices on what metric to use.

Current Yield

Sort table on this column “Current Yield” to see the highest paying preferred’s today. 

Blended Yield

Sort table on column  “Blended Yield” to see the highest paying preferred’s for the next 5 year period.  

You can watch a video on how to use tools. It’s great, quick primer on selection the process.

Additional tools you can use to make the selction  are are:

  1. Top 10 Banking shares.  Here we only include bank preferred shares. The working set is much smaller and easier to analyze.
  2. Top Credit Rated Resets.  All shares here are grouped by Credit Rating.
  3. Highest Renewable Issues. See all preferred’s offered by Green Energy, Renewable Power Producers.
  4. Top 5 Highest Yielding High Credit Issues. Select from the highest investment credit preferred’s in the Canadian Market Today. For lowest credit risk possible this is the group to pick from.

Ultimately, picking the top 10 shares is up to you, driven in large extent by your personal investment style.



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