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Which Royal Bank Preferred Should I Buy

This compare tool helps you determine Which Royal Bank Preferred you Should Buy. In this section we provide additional information to help you make the right decision. This information includes

  1. A number of what if scenarios for the 5 year resets. The scenarios are based on the various yields of the G.O.C. 5 year bond.
  2. A line graph chart with the historical yields of all preferreds issued.
  3. Links to the prospectus of each preferred.


Reset Scenarios Based on Various G.O.C. 5 Year Bond Yield Rates

The following table presents 6 scenarios, of the issues resetting based on different 5 Year Bond rates. Each scenario consists of 3 columns and grouped by color. The rates assumed for the reset are as follows:
  • Scenario 1: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 2.50%
  • Scenario 2: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 3.0%
  • Scenario 3: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 3.50%
  • Scenario 4: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 4.00%
  • Scenario 5: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 4.5%
  • Scenario 6: 5YR GOC Rate is set at 5.0%

Note: Only the first 3 "What if scenarios" of the total 6 are available on the Free Site. All 6 scenarios can be viewed in the premium site

For more information please review our video and/or post. Links available at the bottom of the page

Rank Preferreds - Compare Reset Scenarios

Last Updated: Market Data 2023-Jun-05 16:30, Model Metrics 2023-Jun-05 17:18
Credit RatingSymbolReset Date Y/M/DCurrent (Yield Dividend)
5Yr @ 2.50%. Reset (Yield Dividend)Scenario: 1 yield and dividend based on GOC 5yr Rate of 5Yr @ 2.50%.
5Yr @ 2.50%. Blended (Yield Dividend)5Yr @ 2.50%. Rate Change (percent | to value )
5Yr @ 3.0%. Reset (Yield Dividend)Scenario: 2 yield and dividend based on GOC 5yr Rate of 5Yr @ 3.0%.
5Yr @ 3.0%. Blended (Yield Dividend)5Yr @ 3.0%. Rate Change (percent | to value )
5Yr @ 3.50%. Reset (Yield Dividend)Scenario: 3 yield and dividend based on GOC 5yr Rate of 5Yr @ 3.50%.
5Yr @ 3.50%. Blended (Yield Dividend)5Yr @ 3.50%. Rate Change (percent | to value )
NRRY-Z RY.PR.Z CA78012G4117 2024MAY2405.44% $0.92506.93% $1.1806.64% $1.12047% 6.93%7.66% $1.3007.20% $1.22047% 7.66%8.40% $1.4307.81% $1.32047% 8.40%
NRRY-H RY.PR.H CA78012H5675 2024AUG2405.39% $0.91257.03% $1.1906.62% $1.12047% 7.03%7.77% $1.3207.19% $1.21047% 7.77%8.51% $1.4407.73% $1.30047% 8.51%
NRRY-J RY.PR.J CA78012Q1129 2025MAY2404.39% $0.80007.19% $1.3106.07% $1.10037% 7.19%7.88% $1.4406.50% $1.18037% 7.88%8.57% $1.5606.89% $1.25037% 8.57%
NRRY-M RY.PR.M CA78012T4708 2025NOV2404.32% $0.75007.38% $1.2805.85% $1.01044% 7.38%8.10% $1.4106.22% $1.08044% 8.10%8.82% $1.5306.57% $1.14044% 8.82%
NRRY-S RY.PR.S CA78013R3909 2024FEB2405.99% $1.20006.09% $1.2206.07% $1.21024% 6.09%6.72% $1.3506.63% $1.32024% 6.72%7.34% $1.4707.14% $1.42024% 7.34%

Current yields over time

The graph below shows the current yield of each Royal Bank of Canada preferred share, over time. Place the mouse cursor over the graph to reveal data like (date, ticker and current Yield).
When viewing the graph below keep in mind the following
  1. The yield has an inverse relationshlp to the share price. As the share price rises towards face value the yield gets lower.
  2. For 5 year resets, at reset time the yield usually makes a substantial move up or down when the reset takes effect.

RBC Preferreds – Prospectus Information

Prospectus Information for each of the Royal Bank Preferreds is available in the links below. Going over the main parts of the prospectus will ensure you are looking at the right preferred.

RY.PR.A: Series AA Perpetual
RY.PR.C: Series AC Perpetual
RY.PR.E: Series AE Perpetual
RY.PR.F: Series AF Perpetual
RY.PR.G: Series AG Perpetual
RY.PR.H: Series BB converts to Series BC
RY.PR.J: Series BD converts to Series BE
RY.PR.M: Series BF converts to Series BG
RY.PR.N: Series BH Perpetual
RY.PR.O: Series BI Perpetual
RY.PR.P: Series BJ Perpetual
RY.PR.Q: Series BK converts to BL
RY.PR.R: Series BM converts to BN
RY.PR.S: Series BO converts to BP
RY.PR.W: Series W Perpetual
RY.PR.Z: Series AZ converts to Series BA


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