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This compare tool allows you to Rank Manulife Financial Corp. Preferreds, based on the latest stock information available. Our goal is to provide you with the information and metrics related to the Manulife Financial Corp. preferreds. Your goal is to establish which preferred will provide you the best returns. If you are buying today, these tools will expedite and aid the selection process. Given all the data available here, an informed decision is within reach.

In a market with low volumes you can use this information to identify mispriced shares. Since all preferreds belong to the same issuer, the risk is the same for all of them.

Manulife Financial Corp. Brief Overview

Visit the Manulife Financial Corp. company website to see the preferred share prospectus, news and other information.

Sector: Financial Services.

Core businesses and operations:

  1. International financial services
  2. John Hancock in the United States and Manulife elsewhere
  3. Provides financial advice, insurance, as well as wealth and asset management solutions for individuals, groups and institutions
  4. Over 34,000 employess and serving over 28 Million customers worldwide
  5. Assets under management and administration over $1.1 trillion (US $877 billion)

The latest information and statistics on their common stock MFC, can be easily accessed using websites like TMX Money.

Dividend Payment Schedule: 2022MAR19 , 2021JUN19 , 2021SEP19 , 2021DEC19

Ex Dividend Date Schedule: 2022MAR14 , 2021JUN13 , 2021SEP12 , 2021DEC13


Manulife Financial Corp. Credit Rating

The latest credit rating for Manulife Financial Corp. are listed in the table below. For additional information on credit rating agencies and codes see our article Credit Rating Symbols.

S&P CorporateS&P PreferredsDBRS Long TermDBRS PreferredsS&P Global CorporateS&P Global PreferredsMoody's LongTermFitch Long TermFitch Short Term

Manulife Financial Corp. Common Share Metrics

Symbol: TSE:MFCCurrency: CADMarket Cap: $39,181,835,566Price: $24.94
P/E: 6.84P/B: 0.95Dividend: $0.28Yield: 4.49%
Beta: 1.1200

Manulife Financial Corp. Overall Preferred Share Metrics

I have reviewed the full set of Manulife Financial Corp. preferreds. Based on my review the following data points may be of interest to current and potential investors in the securities of "Manulife Financial Corp.". In other words, this is what I think is worth highlighting in this set of preferred shares. In addition it provides a quick overview of the detailed information presented furher down this page.

Preferred issues: 14Lowest Current Yield: MFC-P @ 2.19%Highest Current Yield: MFC-R @ 4.75%Average Current Yield: 4.08%
5 Year Reset issues: 115YR Reset Lowest Reset Yield: MFC-K @ 3.56%5YR Reset Highest Reset Yield: MFC-R @ 5.02%5YR Reset Average Reset Yield: 3.97%
Lowest Rate Change Percent: MFC-R @ -1.000%Highest Rate Change Percent: MFC-P @ 43.00%Average Rate Change Percent: 6.07%
Market Cap at Market Value: 3,418,682,997Market Cap at Face Value: 3,475,000,000Discount Amount: 56,317,003Discount Percent: 1.62%
Percent of Total Market Cap at Market Value: 4.78%Percent of Total Market Cap at Face Value: 4.35%


Rank Manulife Financial Corp. Preferreds - Compare Tool.

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  1. Reset Date. The date of the upcoming reset for this issue. During the reset the new dividend will be determined by the issuer as outlined in the prospectus.
  2. Reset (Yield | Dividend).
  3. Blended (Yield | Dividend).
  4. Rate Change Percent.
  5. Rate Change To Value. This reflects the effect or the current price on the issue rate of the preferred. Here you see the percent increase/decrease of the new rate due to its drop or rise of its share value
  6. New Spread Change.
  7. New Spread Value.
  8. Short Position.
  9. Additional Features. A set of codes for additional features of the preferred share
  10. Years To Double Initial Investment.
  11. Outstanding float.
  12. Market Cap In Bilions.
  13. Common Stock P/E Ratio.
  14. Common Stock P/B Ratio.
  15. Common Stock Yield.
Last Updated: Market Data Oct-18 20:00, Model Metrics Oct-18 20:42
SymbolPrice52W High52W Low
Fixed Rate Baseyield and dividend for the current issue based on last night’s closing stock price
Current (Yield Dividend)Name
MFC-F MFC.PR.F CA56501R8580 $18.60$18.75$10.015YR + 1.41%03.16% $0.5870Manulife_Financial_Corp_Non-cumulative_Rate_Reset_Class_1_Shares_Series_3
MFC-R MFC.PR.R CA56501R6352 $25.52$25.98$24.025YR + 3.83%04.75% $1.2120Manulife_Financial_Corp_Non-cumulative_Rate_Reset_Class_1_Shares_Series_23
MFC-Q MFC.PR.Q CA56501R6196 $25.18$25.47$17.665YR + 2.55%04.67% $1.1760Manulife_Financial_Corp_Non-cumulative_Rate_Reset_Class_1_Shares_Series_25
MFC-G MFC.PR.G CA56501R8333 $25.14$25.45$18.705YR + 2.90%03.87% $0.9720Manulife_Financial_Corp._3.89%,_Series_5
MFC-H MFC.PR.H CA56501R8176 $25.18$25.98$19.935YR + 3.13%04.29% $1.0800Manulife_Financial_Corp._4.6%,_Series_7
MFC-I MFC.PR.I CA56501R7830 $25.28$25.54$18.855YR + 2.86%04.30% $1.0880Manulife_Financial_Corp._4.4%,_Series_9
MFC-J MFC.PR.J CA56501R7673 $25.48$25.53$17.905YR + 2.61%04.65% $1.1840Manulife_Financial_Corp._4.0%,_Series_11
MFC-K MFC.PR.K CA56501R7426 $24.50$24.51$16.455YR + 2.20%04.51% $1.1040Manulife_Financial_Corp._3.8%,_Series_13
MFC-L MFC.PR.L CA56501R7269 $23.44$23.86$15.425YR + 2.22%04.04% $0.9465Manulife_Financial_Corp._3.8%,_Series_13
MFC-M MFC.PR.M CA56501R6923 $24.48$24.48$16.225YR + 2.36%03.88% $0.9500Manulife_Financial_Corp._3.9%,_Series_17
MFC-N MFC.PR.N CA56501R6766 $24.40$24.50$17.425YR + 2.30%03.77% $0.9188Manulife_Financial_Corp._3.8%,_Series_19
MFC-C MFC.PR.C CA56501R5024 $25.10$25.59$22.94PERPETUAL @ 4.50%04.50% $1.1300Manulife_Financial_Corp._4.50%,_Series_3
MFC-B MFC.PR.B CA56501R4035 $25.30$25.71$23.53PERPETUAL @ 4.65%04.60% $1.1640Manulife_Financial_Corp_4.65%_Non-cumulative_Class_A_Shares,_Series_2
MFC-P MFC.PR.P CA56501R8416 $17.40$18.06$10.323MTH + 1.41%02.19% $0.38Manulife_Financial_Corp_Non-cumulative_Class_A_Shares,_Series_2

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Last Updated: Market Data Oct-18 20:00, Model Metrics Oct-18 20:42
SymbolPrice52W High52W Low
Fixed Rate Baseyield and dividend for the current issue based on last night’s closing stock price
Current (Yield Dividend)
Reset (Yield Dividend)yield and dividend for the current issue after the upcoming reset
Blended (Yield Dividend)follow link passed the end of the table to see definition
Yield To CallReset Date Y/M/DRate Change percentRate Change to valueNew Spread ChangeNew Spread valueShort PositionAdditional FeaturesYears To Double Initial InvestmentOutstanding FloatName
MFC-F MFC.PR.F CA56501R8580 $18.60$18.75$10.015YR + 1.41%03.16% $0.587003.63% | $0.675503.20% $0.59 18@cy+2@ry8.98%2026jun19034%3.63%025%1.77%18,278 Non-Cumulative22.286,335,831Manulife_Financial_Corp_Non-cumulative_Rate_Reset_Class_1_Shares_Series_3
MFC-R MFC.PR.R CA56501R6352 $25.52$25.98$24.025YR + 3.83%04.75% $1.212005.02% | $1.280505.00% $1.27 1@cy+19@ry-0.142%2022mar19-1%5.02%-2%3.75%53,583 Non-Cumulative14.9319,000,000Manulife_Financial_Corp_Non-cumulative_Rate_Reset_Class_1_Shares_Series_23
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Additional Information

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