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Introductory Videos

Introduction to Canadian Preferred Shares Website -

Introduction to CanadianPreferredShares Website

A brief introduction to the Canadian Preferred Shares Website. The goal in this video is to make it easy for new clients to get the most of what we offer. (*Updated with new features)

Overview of Portfolio feature

This is a brief overview of the Portfolio feature and how you may want to use it.

How to set up a Portfolio

A step by step guide showing how to set up a Portfolio.

Introduction to CanadianPreferredShares

This video is best for new visitors to our site.  You will get a brief overview on how to get the most from our site.

Series A: Putting it all together

BCE Preferred Shares - What You Should Know -

BCE Preferreds- What You Should Know

We will go over BCE Preferred Shares and point out some of the facts you should know as an investor.

Series B: Portfolio Analytics

Part 1: Diversify

How to use the Portfolio feature to ensure your holding are diversified across the various metrics.

Part 2: Laddering

How to pick the best preferred share when you want to balance the laddering in your portfolio.